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Tesla smartphone codenamed ‘ Quadra’ images leaked

Tesla smartphone Quadra

Elon Musk’s Tesla known for making premium electric cars and space exploration with its SpaceX projects, and a lot of other prominent projects like the Hyperloop transportation, and more. Now, it seems like the company has eyes on the smartphones. Tesla can soon introduce its own smartphone as photos of the front and back panels are leaked by the renowned source SlashLeaks.

According to the source, the smartphone was called Quadra. Its exact features are still unknown, but we can assume that the smartphone will be at the level of the flagships.

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The smartphone as seen in the images will receive a frameless design with a tiny notch in the style of the iPhone X and a dual camera with a horizontal orientation in the upper left corner. Also on the back, there is an impressive Tesla logo and probably a speaker grille.

The cutout for the fingerprint scanner on the panels is invisible. We can assume that it will be integrated into the screen of the smartphone, or, instead, it will be used, for example, to recognize the user’s face.

Tesla smartphone leaked image

But the question comes why the Tesla would build a smartphone. It could that the images leaked could be the 3D printed design by someone or it could that the Tesla has partnered with any smartphone maker to create a special edition phone like recently Launched Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition or as Huawei did with its P20 by launching a Porsche edition of the phone.

At this point, only this single image is surfaced online, no other leaks or anything is revealed about the smartphone. We would like to take this information with a pinch of salt.


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