Monday, August 8, 2022
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Tfue major neck swelling problem might require surgery

One of the most popular Fortnite players & Faze Clan pro Tfue has shared his appalling neck condition.

Tfue has shared an official post on Twitter mentioning that he is in the emergency room & will share more details later.

He has not explained the reason for visiting the hospital but must have something to do with his swelling neck condition.

On March 17, Tfue told that he is having a huge swelling in his neck due to prolonged streaming & not staying hydrated enough.

Afterwards, he shared another tweet mentioning about neck swelling & being on Antibiotics. He also stated that he did not received any relief with the medicine & he will be seeing a specialist.

The reason for being at the emergency room is still unclear although earlier he explained that he might have to go for a surgery to resolve this problem.

We will be following up this situation & will update you on further information once it gets clarified.


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