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‘Thanos vs Doctor Doom’ Who Will Win The Battle Between Two Supervillains?

With the release of the much-awaited superhero movie “Avengers: Infinity Wars”, we finally get to see Thanos, the Mad Titan who is relentlessly fixated on balancing the universe so that the life may survive, and no one goes to sleep on an empty stomach – as he tells his daughter ‘Gamora’. The purple colored alien has time and again has proved his dominance in the entire universe by defeating the most powerful beings as well as Gods. What would happen if Thanos goes face to face with the earthling who got his powers because of any accident in outer space(Thanos vs Doctor Doom)?

So, today we are going to pit the Mad titan against another supervillain – Doctor Doom. A human with superhuman abilities and mystic power at his disposal and we’ll see who holds their fort when it comes to the showdown. Let’s find out who will be the winner in Thanos vs Doctor Doom battle.

Who is Thanos?

Thanos, son of Eternals, living on Titan(moon of Saturn) has all the superhuman abilities such as superhuman strength, speed, stamina, immortality and invulnerability among other qualities physically. His abilities much like the Eternals but taken to a higher level due to his mutant genes. He is a super genius and can live indefinitely without food, air or water, cannot die of old age, is immune to all terrestrial diseases, and has high resistance to psychic assaults. Trained in the art of war on Titan, he is an accomplished master strategist and combatant.

thanos vs doctor doom who will win

He amasses vast knowledge of advanced science and has created technology exceeding that found on earth. He uses a transportation chair capable of space flight, force field projection, teleportation, time travel, and movement through alternate universes. Due to his eternal heritage, Thanos has abilities such as bionic amplification, mysticism and can manipulate matter. Thanos is capable of telekinesis and telepathy and can absorb and project vast amounts of cosmic energy.

Who is Doctor Doom?

Thanos’s foe in this showdown is no less, Victor Von Doom or Doctor Doom, the absolute monarch of Latveria is a genius and a polymath himself. He was initially trained by Tibetan monks and therefore had some mystic abilities, but he later amplified them with the help of his lover Morgan le Fay (another supervillain and half-sister of the mystic king Arthur). Doom can project energy, create energy shields and summon demonic creatures. Even Doctor Strange mentions him and admits that Doom has enough magical abilities to relinquish the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

His scientific talents enable Doom to steal the opponent’s powers and use them at his disposal. Doom also learnt to transfer his consciousness into other’s mind by the alien Ovoids who also show Doom other forms of technologies. But, having a significant disadvantage that his consciousness returns if concentration is broken, Doom rarely used it in battles. Doom with his genius mind has made doombots, on which he has excellent technopathic control.

thanos vs doctor doom who will win

Doom’s armour augments his physical abilities to a superhuman level that he can hold his fort against hulk, spider-man and other superhumans. Although he relies on long-range attacks, Doom has proven himself in hand to hand combat. His armour in practically indestructible even capable of taking hits from cosmic beings and it protects him from matter manipulation and reality warping. It also packs a ton of arsenal and is capable of energy manipulation, absorption, projection and can even create a force field enough to stop a ton of enemies(Thanos vs Doctor Doom).

Final Battle – Thanos vs Doctor Doom?

Now, the showdown (Thanos vs Doctor Doom) between the two epic superhumans will be a delight to watch with Thanos overpowering Doom in hand to hand combat. Even with his armour, Doom cannot sustain hand to hand combat for too long. And with his immortality and power of the infinity stones at his disposal, Thanos could easily rebuke all the arsenal attacks Doom has to offer. The fight finally will boil down to Doom resorting to his mystical and magical powers and energy projections while Thanos returning them which could be defended/deflected by Doom’s force field.

The armour will protect Doom from matter manipulation and reality warping which would render the reality stone useless or less effective against Doom, but Thanos would still be able to step up the power using power stone and overpower Doom. Latter would be forced to use the psychic abilities he rarely uses, but the mad titan is going down due to psychic skills is less likely because of his resistance to psychic attacks. The fight(Thanos vs Doctor Doom) would be a mix of a lot of abilities for Doom even using Doombots would be an option, but Thanos could render Doom’s technopathic skills useless with his telekinesis.

thanos vs doctor doom who will win

Thanos surely could use telepathic skills in sync with the power of the infinity stones, but Doom’s strong will and his resistance to psychic attacks on a hype due to his armour would most likely render it useless. Doom would most likely try and absorb the abilities of Thanos which also means consuming the power of infinity stones, but the raw difference of power between the Thanos and Doom would inevitably force either the end of Doom or he escaping which would be considered his defeat. The power of infinity stones is no joke when a mutant- eternal in sync use all of them (Thanos vs Doctor Doom).

thanos vs doctor doom who will win

Even using all his abilities and powers, Doom would be most likely to face defeat against Thanos. But, surely Doom wouldn’t step down or be trounced. He would put up a great fight but eventually lose the duel. So, the grand showdown would result in Thanos emerging victorious in my opinion.

What’s your opinion of Thanos vs Doctor Doom battle? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Author – Varun Malhan

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