Thanos vs Galactus: Who Will Win In Fight Between Most Powerful Marvel Villains?

Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced us to Thanos, and we got to witness his mighty powers in the recently released Avengers Infinity War. Before the release of the movie, we anticipated that he is a compelling villain and will give Avengers a tough fight but who knew that all the heroes put together even hulk they will get a such a brutal beating by the hands of Mad Titan. So, after watching the Avengers Infinity War fans who were not familiar with the details of comics started asking question Is Thanos more powerful than Galactus? What will be the result of Thanos vs Galactus fight?

Before deciding the fate of one of the biggest fight, lets first, put things in perspective and know little more about these powerful antagonists who can shake the whole universe with their brute force.

Who is Galactus?

Galactus was originally an explorer Galan of Taa. The planet Taa existed in the previous universe before the Big Bang. As Galan’s universe neared its end, he emerged as a cosmic entity after remaining in incubation for thousands of years in a ‘Cosmic egg’. Being a cosmic power, he requires to devour entire planets to gain energy. Hence he played an important role in maintaining the balance in the universe same as Thanos’ motive. He is also described as the physical metamorphosed embodiment of cosmos.

 Thanos vs Galactus Who Will Win the fight?

Another interesting fact about Galactus is that most beings can’t perceive his true form, each species see him in the way they can comprehend same as the Gods of various religions. Galactus being a cosmic entity houses powers and abilities that make him rule the entire cosmos. He possesses the power of cosmic awareness, telepathy, telekinesis, transmutation of matter, manipulating souls, the creation of life, resurrection and mass scale events like recreating dead worlds from the scratch that’s how he brought his dead planet back into existence and named it Taa II. However, apart from possessing amazing powers and abilities, Galactus has weaknesses and is vulnerable when he hasn’t consumed a planet for a long time.

Who is Thanos?

Many of you will be familiar with this powerful being after seeing him in the successful Avengers Infinity War, however giving brief details about Mad Titan for those who want to know more. He was born on Saturn’s moon Titan as a son of Enternals Mentor(A’lars) and Sui San. Thanos carries the Deviants gene which gives him the demonic appearance, and because of that, his mother tried to kill him but was stopped by A’lars. She believed that he would cause the annihilation of the entire universe. By adulthood, He was fascinated by the nihilism and death which eventually leads to him falling in love with the embodiment of Death, Mistress of Death.

Thanos vs Galactus Who Will Win the fight?

He then tries to impress her by annihilating billions of species and even his siblings. His unprecedented love for death is the other reason why he collects infinity gauntlet and all the gems. Even without Infinity Gauntlet, he possesses the vast amount of power and abilities which make him one of the powerful villains. He has enormous superhuman strength, immortality, speed, stamina, and invulnerability. Thanos can absorb and project vast quantities of cosmic energy and is capable of telekinesis and telepathy. He also can manipulate matter and can survive without food, air or water. He is trained in hand to hand combat which makes him deadly even without his powers.

Face Off: Thanos vs Galactus, Who Will Win?

So, after reading the details about both the powerful villains you would have guessed that who would be the winner if both of these characters come face to face with each other. There are two cases of Thanos vs Galactus fight, so let’s check out both.

Thanos without the Cosmic Cube or Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos has gone toe to toe against Norse God, Odin without Infinity Gauntlet and was able to defeat him. However, in case of the fight against Galactus, he stands no chance of even making cosmic entity sweat without the Infinity Gauntlet or Cosmic Cube. Both of them came face to face in one of the comics and Thanos tried his extreme powers but in the end, was left begging for his life. There is a slight chance of Thanos defeating Galactus when the latter is starving and hasn’t devoured a planet in a long time. Thanos, being a excellent strategist and master planner can get this opportunity, but in that case, also it will take a lot from Mad Titan to defeat him. So, in this case, Galactus is the ultimate winner.

You can read through the moments when Thanos begged for his life, below-

Thanos vs Galactus Who Will Win the fight? Thanos vs Galactus Who Will Win the fight?

Thanos with the Cosmic Cube or Infinity Gauntlet

Those who were cheering for Thanos don’t lose your heart; there were plenty of times when Thanos has overpowered Galactus, but that required the aide of Infinity Gauntlet or Cosmic Cube or Heart of the Universe. He has been able to imprison all the cosmic entities including Galactus, Lord Chaos, Master Order, a couple of Celestials, The Stranger, and Chronos. But to achieve this incredible feat he had to come up with a plan so intricate which will account for all the future possibilities. So, in this case, Thanos is the winner (in the fight between Thanos vs Galactus) but with a lot of strategies and mind-bending plan.

Thanos vs Galactus Who Will Win the fight?

Finally, to sum up, in Thanos vs Galactus fight a lot depends on the situations in which battle is taking place. However, Galactus is much powerful being as compared to Thanos and can any day decimate the Mad Titan Thanos with a snap of fingers. So, overall Galactus has the upper hand in the fight.

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