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Thanos vs Hela: Who Will Win this Epic Battle?

Thanos came, he saw and defeated all the superheroes in one go leaving all of us completely dumbstruck. There are theories that Mad Titan Thanos thoroughly planned his attack against Avengers and revealed each of his cards to completely break them. Fans who have been keeping watch on Thanos’ every move gave a hypothesis that he has planned his attack at this very moment because of the absence of the protective and influential forces in MCU that includes Odin and Hela. We know that second name is little shocking as she has been an evil person, however, she would have gone neck to neck to show her dominance. So, what would have been the result of this fight(Thanos vs Hela) between the two most potent villains in Marvel universe?

thanos vs hela who will win the epic battle

Can Goddess of Death take the life of Thanos or he will emerge victorious in this epic battle? Let’s find out who will be the winner in this battle(Thanos vs Hela), and we will try to cover all the possibilities.

Who is Hela(Goddess of Death)?

We all were introduced to the badass Goddess of death in Thor: Ragnarok and she took everything by storm. She arrived with a bang, and in a moment she was able to turn the most potent weapon, Mjolnir into small broken pieces. That left Thor and us completely bamboozled. So, let’s start from the very beginning and get little more details about the Goddess of Death, Hela. Her origin story shown in Thor: Ragnarok is entirely different from both comics and Norse mythology.

Hela in actual is the daughter of Loki and was born in Jotunheim, the land of the giants. Loki kept her existence hidden from all-father Odin because she was born out of his affair with the giantess, Angrboða. However, when Asgardians came to know about Loki’s children and Hela came of age, Odin appointed her as the Goddess of the Dead, giving her rulership over the dead in the realms of Hel and Niflheim.

thanos vs hela who will win the epic battle

Later in her life, she will turn against Asgardians and will cause the Ragnarok with the help of her brothers and father, Loki. Talking about her powers, being an Asgardian she possesses all the attributes common to gods. She possesses superhuman strength, stamina, speed, agility and durability.

When she is wearing her cloak, she is powerful than the vast majority of her race and can defeat Thor single-handedly. The magical cloak enhances her powers and keeps her young. Hela also possesses mystical skills which give her ability to create the limitless astral projection, firing deadly bolts of energy which can age or even kill the Asgardians. Moreover, her pact with Death to claim the souls of Asgardians and worshiper of Asgardians make her the most deadly villain in the whole MCU.

Who is Thanos?

From past one and half month, Thanos has indeed become a household name because of the impact he was able to leave on our mind. Many of us know a lot about him, however, lets read little more about him to jog up your memory and give the glimpse of his detailed origin. Thanos was on born on Saturn’s Moon and has a younger brother named Eros of Titan, also known as Starfox. Thanos carries a Deviant gene, hence giving him the appearance of Eternals’ cousin race. During his early school days, he was a pacifist and wanted to live a life of peace without any violence or war. However, during his adolescence, he fell in love with Mistress Death leading him on the path of destruction to woo the cosmic entity.

thanos vs hela who will win the epic battle

Thanos is the mutant member of the superhumans on the Titan who are known as Titanian Eternals. He possesses abilities common to Eternals, however, are amplified to much larger level because of the presence of mutant-Eternal genes, bionic amplification, mysticism, and power bestowed by the abstract entity, Death. Other than having superhuman capabilities like strength, speed, stamina and immortality, can absorb and project cast amount of cosmic energies. Along with all this, he is capable of telekinesis and telepathy. With all these abilities he has given tough fights to the cosmic entity, Galactus and the Norse God, Odin.

Thanos vs Hela: The Epic Battle

The battle(Thanos vs Hela) between these two powerful entities has never taken place in the comics, but we are sure that if it takes place in future, the result would be one of the most epic battle. Both the antagonists have vast power and abilities because of which they were able to take down most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. However, talking about the Thanos vs Hela fight we have to keep various things in mind. Hela is a versatile fighter and has god-like powers being a Goddess of Death herself, however, when we put her against Mad Titan balance tends to shift more towards Thanos.

In a battle(Thanos vs Hela), like this where both of the contenders have vast powers and abilities, the one having the more intelligence and strategic ability has a better chance of winning. So, in this case, Thanos is the one who can give her fight and win without even using Infinity Gauntlet by formulating a plan and hitting on the weakness of Hela.

thanos vs hela who will win the epic battle

So, being a nifty planner, Thanos will likely go for the Hela’s cloak which is the primary source of her power. Along with this, he has the immense ability of telepathy and telekinesis because of which he was able to stand against the cosmic entity Galactus. Hence, the ultimate winner of Thanos vs Hela fight will be Thanos, but it will take a hell lot of effort from him to defeat Goddess of Death.

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