The Bench Review, Award-Winning Short Portraying A Social Stigma

The Bench

The Bench is an award-winning and touchy short film directed by Manish Mehta. It is a bittersweet tale about relations, family and emotions. The short stars Dinesh Mohan, Sapna Datta, Karishma Singh, Raghav Sharma, Ridham Sethi, Veronika Arora. The Bench has also received several heartfelt reviews.

What does ‘The Bench’ revolve around?

The Bench is undoubtedly a touchy short which highlights some preposterous reasons which people of this generation state for leaving their parents in the name of their freedom and convenience, lifestyle and privacy. The short begins portraying an old age couple walking in a park and they see a guy sitting there on a bench and working on his laptop. Whispering something in each other’s ears they ask that guy to create a facebook account for them so that they can have a look at the profile of their son and cherish the moments they missed while being away from their home. After looking at the photos and living the moments they leave from there. Remembering every single moment from how cheerful and alive they used to live together with their son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, mere because of some of their personal convenience and privacy their children asked them to leave the house and live separately. And they didn’t understand that at this age their parents need more of their love and presence rather than separate comfort and money.

Final Verdict.

This 14 min short portrayed a lot about what is still happening in the certain parts of the society with great felicity despite so much of education, awareness and realizations. That means education is somewhere lacking in teaching the values. The concept is praiseworthy but the storyline had some cliches as this kinda plot is touched by many people in their ways. Many people state that majorly these sort of incidents are visible in high profile columns of the society not with a middle-class mindset person but I think its all about an individual’s mindset and one must get into the shoes of the other person before taking any action or imposing any decision.

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