The Bomb is a short film directed by Shiva Natrajan. The dark dramedy says a lot in very few about the plight of the needy and poor ones when they are being enticed by the power holders or the gangsters to do wrong for the sake of their bread and family, it also gives light to their helplessness of being weak and underprivileged which makes them bound to give way to the orders of these power holders or the gangsters. The film is though short but a message for life.

What ‘The Bomb’ Shows?

‘The Bomb’ begins showing walking across the dingy streets of the Mumbai looking for Inaamulhaq, the lead. The latter being unaware of what awaits him founds an acquainted gangster knocking at his door with a kids school bag in his hand, which inside hides a pomegranate and a pouch with a bomb inside them and he asks him to plant it at any crowded place in the Mumbai. Inaamulhaq gets shocked and shivers out of fear. In the pursuit of the right place to plant the bomb, all he gets is a failure. He finally gets in the premises of a mall and tries to reach the food court but his fate seems against him and he gets stuck in the lift with no aid to be rescued and resulting to pay off for his intentions mere without even doing a deed.

The Bomb

The Bomb is a flawless piece.

A perfect piece by Shiva Natrajan with cypher flaws in it. Superb selection of actors who made this look pretty real and informative. Inaamulhaq has done an immaculate acting and every emotion of the feeling was dripping from his act. He, in a very brittle way, gave us a precise idea of what it feels like to be helpless and do the best possible for the sake of poverty, family and the unfavourable circumstances. With a perfect taste of the above described, it also served us with the idea of how the poor are allured.

The Bomb

Best Part

It didn’t move in the roundabout manner of the plot rather was very clean and uncomplicated.