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The DCEU Future with Henry Cavill Superman exit being confirmed

It is confirmed that Henry Cavill is exiting the role of Superman in DCEU and his decision is going to be heavy for DCEU future. Before the DCEU, arises, it began with Henry Cavill’ Superman appearance in Man of Steel. Now, after the next three appearances, the DCEU is without a Superman.

Henry Cavill played as Superman in Batman v Superman and Justice League after his 2013’s Man of Steel but there was no plan for his sequel movie. The rumours include a cameo of his in one of the DCEU upcoming movies Shazam! But this never happened till now as there was a conflict in the contract. Though Henry Cavill does have one more film on his contract before hi exit, he wanted to re-up now only for larger paydays. But WB wanted the last appearance of his version of the character in the film. After the confirmation of exit, WB is not filming the cameo as it will only confuse the audience more if they change the face of Superman after this.

As Henry Cavill goes to Netflix to be starred in Witcher TV series, the Warner Bros. has decided to move forward to fill the hole made due to his exit. WB respects his decision as said by them, “While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged”. The question that arises is how will DCEU move forward with the role of Superman and its movie? Let’s check it out down below.

Supergirl Taking Superman’s Place in DCEU

Supergirl Movie

The report that gave the news of Henry Cavill leaving the role of the character may have also given out that how will DCEU continues. After the loss of Superman, Warner Bros. may bring up his cousin Supergirl ake Kara Danvers aka Kara Zor-El. She can be a major piece for the DCEU future. Oren Uziel, the writer of 22 Jump Street was hired to write a script on the movie and that too an origin story. Despite some possible set up from Zack Snyder in Man of Steel, that doesn’t appear to be the direction they’re heading.

The details regarding the Supergirl movie is not yet confirmed but WB has been reported interested in a female director. Along with this, with Superman exit, the entry of Supergirl will be perfect to fill the void. With her having the same skill sets and power as Superman, he can be the next heavy hitter needed in the DCEU from time to time. Moreover, the youthfulness in the character of Kara Danvers can help to infuse the hopeful attitude which was lacking in Henry Cavill’s version of the character(due to the character, not the actor).

Recasting for the role of Superman

Michael B. Jordan as Superman

If Henry Cavill exits the DCEU, the Superman will not be seen for quite a while on the big screen. It has been less than a year since the last appearance of Henry Cavill as Superman. At the time of recasting for the rile of Batman, it took WB four years to change Christian Bale with Ben Affleck who appeared in the 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Likely, the recasting for the role of Superman will take time which will be covered by the making of the Supergirl movie.

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No current movies or appearances have been planned for Superman. But in a few years, there will be some major names for playing the role of Superman. The new Superman will be decided when the studios decide to bring the Man of Steel back. Even after this, the news is out that WB is already considering Michael B. Jordan for the role. Whoever will play the role of Henry Cavill’s Superman, we will not be able to know about that for the next several years.

DCEU Future Movies which are still planned to drop

Upcoming DCEU Movies

The DCEU may not look stable at the time due to this news, but they do have plans for the DCEU future movies. Aquaman is the next movie dropping this year and there’s reason to believe James Wan is delivering a solid entry into the universe. Next, Shazam! is confirmed to come out next April without the Superman cameo, while Wonder Woman 1984 will drop in November 2019. Those are the only confirmed plans at this moment, but WB’s schedule is full of upcoming DC films.

One of their big priorities is Birds of Prey, which will get Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn back in action. The directors will include Cathy Yan. The movie is currently trying to find the remaining cast but is going to film in early 2019. The Flash is also reported to be filming next year. Both of these movies should be dropping in 2020 according to the schedules. Moreover, The Batman, Suicide Squad 2, and Black Adam are also set to start in 2019, but only The Batman appears to be making the necessary progress to make it happen.


Other than other planned movies, Supergirl will be the highest priority for the studio. Apart from this, a Batgirl movie has also been planned. Geoff Johns is writing Green Lantern Corps now, and there hasn’t been any clear indication that Ava DuVernay isn’t still working on New Gods. This doesn’t include the movies like Joker that fall under the style “DC Dark” or “DC Black” label. All the other discussed DC movies may be a part of the DCEU future. But, if WB is willing to let their Superman go, then their entire plans may be changing, and result in some of these projects never materializing.

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