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The Girl In The City Season 3 Episode 1 Review.

The Girl In The City Season 3 is currently running on Bindass and is out with its episode 1. Mithila Palkar (Meera Sehgal) and The girl in the city has become a household name for the youth and receiving laudable praise for its absorbing content. Directed by Samar Iqbal the show stars Mithila Palkar, Rajat Barmecha and Swati Vatssa.

A Look Into The Girl In The City Season 3.

Yet another new season where we see Meera, pursuing her dreams of making it big in the city! However, things are different, Meera is different! She is no longer the “new girl in the city” craving to get a shot at her dream job. This time around, she decides to take her destiny into her own hands and carve her own path. She is now an entrepreneur looking for her dream space to start her own design studio, and like always, her friends and her support system are standing by her side to help her kick-start her own brand.

Mithila said, “I try not to take pressure because that it just stresses you out. We have made the best we could and now it’s for the audience’s consumption. Now, how they preserve is completely under their control. We can just wait and watch so I am not going to take any pressure.”

The Girl In The City Season 3

Final Verdict for The Girl In The City Season 3.

The Girl In The City Season 3 has landed it up with an entirely new background but somewhere it shows certain unrealistic things that can rarely happen with a beginner as Meera is portrayed as a struggling girl and she is equipped with all the resources which is only possible with someone who comes to this charming city from an affluent background. Mithila simply rocked the series with her natural act and nicely began her new phase of life. Nice work and second episode anticipated.


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