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The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family Review, absolutely stunning by Alt Balaji

Everyone might think that their family is madder than the others but honestly, there is no such thing as a normal or a perfect family. Every family is quirky and dysfunctional in their own way. The name says it all, it actually is The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family, Ekta Kapoor has managed to bring out one of the most twisted family dramas on the digital platforms.

The trailer does not do justice to the actual series, because there is so much more drama. Kay Kay Menon( Vikram Ranaut ) and Barun Sobti( Samar Ranaut) play brothers on screen. Vikram the elder brother and Samar as the younger one.

The story begins when Samar return home after 8years with his wife Sonali (played by Eisha Chopra) and is welcomed by a rifle from his elder brother, it was quite a welcome! They have come to attend the marriage of their family friend’s daughter Nandita. During the whole wedding fiasco, they find out that Vikram and his wife Geeta’s ( played by Shriswara) daughter, Aditi is lesbian. Vikram who has become quite agitated, dominating and irrational after he got injured during one of his mission, his wife is constantly compensating for his ways.

Aditi becomes quite a sensation after she boldly comes up in front of everyone by accepting the fact that she is a lesbian. And now the audience gets to see that not only Aditi but everyone in the family has dark secrets. The first secret that opens is that Vikram has put the house papers with his friend Pappu, the whole family is shocked to learn this. The dark secrets start to unfold, both the brothers’ marriage comes at stake when the family learns about Mridul, who is supposedly the younger son of Vikram and Geeta. With her cunning mind, Sonali finds out that her husband Samar and Geeta had slept together before 8 years and Mridul could be the result of their union. This shook the entire Ranaut family, this episode takes place during the birthday party of Mridul, who is mute, by seeing all his family members fighting because of him, he leaves the house, then a search is on and he is finally found on the next day.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family Release Date

Premlata, Vikram and Samar’s mother, who is the only sanest and the coolest member of the family, she has a helper who not only takes care of everything she needs but also keeps all her secrets and gives her all the latest gossip. Premlata takes some special chai and gets high as much as four times a day, one of the best scene is when Premlata gets both her daughter in laws high amidst the serious situation of the house. She dies in the end due to a fall from the stairs, but it is her will and letter that brings the family together. Finally, all the things start falling into places and everyone is able to forgive everyone else.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family manages to keep the audience hooked to their screens until the entire series. Every episode reveals a secret that will leave you stunned. The humour element is used in the right places and for the right amount of time. This series is worth binge watching!


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