Netflix has released the trailer for their upcoming Sci-Fi thriller series The Innocents starring Guy Pearce, Sorcha Groundsell and Percelle Ascott in the significant roles. The Netflix original is created and written by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric. The Innocents is the next big release from the streaming giant after giving already successful sci-fi series like Altered Carbon this year. However, the latest released series, Lost In Space is finding it little tough between the mediocre reviews given by critics. Still, there is a lot of time for it to shine brightly in this war of entertainment. The new offering from Netflix, The Innocents surely looks captivating series to look out for.

The story of Innocents revolves around the teenagers Harry and June who run away from their families to live life on their terms. Both in love soon find that their lives getting entangled because of June’s strange ability of shapeshifting. As they go deeper into the mystery it is revealed that June is not alone; there are other shapeshifters out there like her. The trailer for the Innocents is equally enticing as the plot of the series. Not much of the detail regarding the story is given, and that element of mystery is maintained to keep you hooked till the series comes out.

The trailer opens with a shot of beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and then we here a voiceover talking about June and how she needs help. Guy Pearce portrays the role of the professor who claims to treat June of this ability and give her healthy life. The series gave the glimpse that how tough situations will test the love between Harry and June, and will they be able to survive these troubling times together. Accompanied by fantastic background score the scenes in the trailer are pure magic, and as you get the feel of the story, it goes on the top of your watchlist automatically.

Sorcha Groundsell’s performance in the trailer itself is the stellar one, and we will have to wait till August 24 when we can binge watch this fantastic sci-fi thriller. And to summarize it all what you not what you see.