The Job Review, A Plain Psychological Thriller Lacks Interest

The Job

The Job is a psychology based thrilling short film which stars Kalki Koechlin and is directed by Siddharth Sinha under the banner of Flying Dreams Entertainment. The film talks about the plight of a stressed person who is going through a Psychological disorder for hiding the pain or a traumatic incident which they haven’t shared with anyone but it is haunting them.

A glance at the storyline of The Job.

The Job opens portraying Kalki Koechlin sitting quiet and serious at her office desk and repeatedly going to wash her hands. Nobody is there is in the office but she is having a conversation with her boss in an illusion. When she goes back to her home her mother also asks her to live in reality and stop dreaming about the dream which is haunting her because she has left near about 3-4 jibs for the same reason and they are on the verge of getting bankrupt. Moreover, she is an expat, a France returned girl who won’t get any social support like her own country if she continued to leave jobs like this and doesn’t earn any penny, her medicines are also expensive.

Next day when she goes back to the office that dream starts haunting her again and we got to the reason why all this is happening. Once while driving and having illusion she hit someone by her car and got her hands blood-stained which follows her repeated hand washing. Unable to forget that incident she was being haunted by its flashbacks disturbing her and she kept in mind that she has to stick to this job anyhow and takes up a painful step to stay present in reality.

The Job


The Job lacks interest.

The Job was a psychological thriller showing us the plight of a person with the disorder and who lives in the illusion of being haunted by an unshared and traumatic incident. But the short lacked interest as it seemed way too much bidding by the bush. Being a silent short, Kalki’s acting was laudable as always. The Job is hard to comprehend in one go for being exaggerated unnecessarily and leaving viewers in confusion.

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