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The Joker Movie: 5 Things We Know, Want and are Rumours

The Joker Movie from DC Comics and Warner Bros. is coming. A lot of information is coming out about the movie. The director Todd Phillips is an unexpected choice as he has made movies like Hangover Trilogy and Borat. In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix Joker is the leading role. It can be one of the most intriguing DC Comics movies coming over the next few years. The question that arises is, will the movie be able to turn the people’s opinion about the current DCEU situation.

The Joker is going to drop in theatres on October 4, 2019. It is going to be an origin story of The Joker. It might be based on(partially) on the seminal Joker graphic novel The Killing Joke. Phoenix can prove to be a great candidate for the role of Joker as he has picked up 3 Oscar nominations which are 4 short of the nominations for Robert De Niro, who also assigned a role in the movie. Apart from the things which we know about the movie, there are many things that we want in the movie too. Also, with any movie comes a variety of rumours or the fan speculations about what can happen in the upcoming DC Comics release.

Below are the 5 things that we know or which are confirmed to be in The Joker movie.

1. Thomas Wayne is not the same:

Thomas Wayne Photo

Alec Baldwin was chosen as the Thomas Wayne-The Father of Bruce Wayne in The Joker movie. Unlike the traditional Thomas Wayne, who helped people, he will be a 1980s-styled businessman. Baldwin passed the role to Brett Cullen for the role of Wayne.

Thomas Wayne is also termed as a cheesy businessman like the other real estate tycoons in the ’80s. He is nothing like the Wayne in the comics or any other movies depicting the character. Since Thomas Wayne is in the movie that means that The Joker is much older than The Batman.

2. The Joker is an origin story!

Joker's Origin Photo

Apart from the rumours that the movie will be based on The Killing Joke, it is known that the movie is going to be an origin story. Since this is not the first time the origin of the character will hit the big screen, this bothers many fans.

The Killing Joke will not likely play out in the movie, hence the origin story will just be a basic story. This is interesting as the writer of the comic, Moore, himself said that this can be a possible origin of the character. In Batman, Burton portrayed Joker as the man who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. In this movie, they are going with the failed comedian aspect just like Moore’s story. But the question is, do fans really want an origin story, i.e.,  to know who Joker was before the Clown Prince of Crime?

3. The Joker is separate from DCEU

DCEU Photo

It is certain that The Joker origin story will be separate from the DCEU mainstream. This means that Joaquin Phoenix version of The Joker is completely different from Leto’s Joker or the Heath Ledger version of it. This is an interesting change for Warner Bros.

If Warner Bros. sees success with this new comic book adaptation, they could possibly combine the two worlds after a Flashpoint-styled event, keeping what works and dumping the rest.

4. The Joker is Arthur

Joker is Arthur Photo

What we know about The Joker movie is that it is an origin story. His original name is Arthur and he is a failed comedian. With this information, it is clear that Killing Joke can influence the movie somewhere. The Joker plot describes the character study of a person disregarded by society.

Since the movie set in the ’80s in the era of Thomas Wayne, Arthur is much older than Bruce who becomes his greatest enemy, The Batman. The movie will further show Arthur moving from a comedian into a life of crime and insanity to become Gotham’s most dangerous predator.

5. Leto’s Joker has no connection!

Jared Leto Joker Photo

When Suicide Squad came out, a lot of fans enjoyed Leto’s performance as the Clown Prince of Crime. With that, The Joker in this movie will have no relation to Leto’s character, and that allows Todd Phillips to do whatever he wants. The good news for some fans is that Leto’s Joker will also be back in the DCEU as well, mainly in the upcoming Harley Quinn movie.

Below are the 5 things we want to be there in The Joker movie. Hope you have the same wants:

1. No Barbara Gordan

Barbara Gordon Photo

The purpose of basing the movie on The Killing Joke is to tell the origin and to mix it with the present-day action. In the present day, the Joker is trying to prove that even a good man can be broken to become insane. In this process, he targetted Jim Gordon. For that, he went to his daughter’s home and shot her daughter to paralyze her to make him go insane.

He then took Barbara’s photographs in compromising positions to drive Gordon insane. This took a very powerful female hero in Batgirl and destroyed her just to create a plot to challenge her father. Apart from this controversy, the main problem is that Batgirl can’t even exist at this time.

2. Less of Zack Snyder Side of DCEU

Zack Snyder Photo

No matter how much critics hate the direction in which Zack Snyder had taken the DCEU. But many fans love the movies he created so far. Fans love the way he made Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. No matter how people see his movies, Zack Snyder has worked hard to create dark heroes in dark and grimy worlds.

Compare that to Wonder Woman, where Patty Jenkins was able to take the character and make her a beacon of hope in a world that was dark. It could have been the same with Man of Steel. Many expect Joker to be pure evil rather than just be flawed. This means that the movie should be more Martin Scorsese and less Zack Snyder.

3. Elseworlds

Elseworlds Photo

At first, there was a confusion which stated that Warner Bros. said that there will be two Joker movies. One with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and the other with Jared Leto as the Joker. This confusion was cleared when the true word came out. It was originally that Warner Bros. will release a Joker movie in its own universe. It will be completely different from the other films.

Fans may think of two ways so that they can play it fair.  One way to play it can be like The Flash, where different Earths exist in multiple universes. The villains and superheroes are completely different in them. The other way to play it is to think of the movie taking place in Elseworlds. If this is the case, then the filmmakers can do whatever they want without thinking about the continuity as it is non-canon.

4. An Unsympathetic Joker

Unsympathetic Joker Photo

If Joker is an origin story then he will be the lead character. There will likely be a desire among some fans to make the character sympathetic. To make the fans watch the movie, they are supposed to have someone to relate Joker and have a little sympathy.

An example of the same is the Taxi Driver. In the movie, Travis Bickle can be related to a character. He was shown as a military man who was honourably discharged and hence suffered from mental illness. But in the world of DC Comics, no one is there who is worse than the Joker. He deserves no sympathy. Some might argue that doing this would ruin the character.

5. Multiple Jokers

Multiple Jokers Photo

There are 4 different Jokers who have been shown on the big screen. It includes Jared Leto who is more gangster than anything. It also includes Heath Ledger version of Joker who was a complete anarchy. Back in past was Jack Nicholson’s Joker who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents. Now comes the Joaquin Phoenix version of him who is a failed comedian.

Batman gained the power to discover anything in Justice League #42. When he went to discover the true identity of The Joker, he said, “That is not possible.” DC Comics revealed that Batman discovered that there were three Jokers. Instead of an Elseworlds story, what if there is more than one Joker? Presenting various versions of Joker makes it easy for the filmmakers to justify their point of making so many versions of him.

Below are 5 things that are rumoured and can possibly happen in The Joker movie:

1. The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke Photo

The Jared Leto version of the Joker was inspired from the Killing Joke. It is rumoured that the new solo movie is also going to be based on the Alan Moore’s story. The fans have mixed views for it.

According to some fans, it is good but for others, it is not. Many people love The Killing Joke, but many don’t like it due to the violence in it. The depiction of Barbara Gordon is dark, violent and disturbing. Even the creator Aan Moore is not happy with his story. It is because he feels that it is too “physically violent”. However, it also fits in with the feel of the current DCEU.

2. Role of De Niro

Robert De Niro's Role Photo

Robert De Niro is in the Joker movie. That doesn’t sound exciting, is it? The former Oscar-contending actor from movies like The Godfather Part II and Taxi Driver is taking on very interesting projects which are far from awards contenders. However, when it comes to this movie, it sounds like De Niro might be back in his old wheel-house.

Since the movie is compared with Taxi Driver, De Niro will be a talk show host who helps in making Joker drive insane. But there is no such character in The Killing Joke so, it is possible that he can be someone with dealings in the underworld.

3. Love Interest-Zazie Beetz

Zazie Beetz Photo

Zazie Beetz was a huge breakout star in Deadpool 2. She played the role of Domino. The hero was a perfect antithesis to Deadpool’s Merc with Mouth with her relaxed cocky attitude. After breaking out in a Marvel Movie, she is now moving to the DCEU and will be in a completely different character.

Zazie Beet will portray a single mother who comes under the notice of Joker. Since it is rumoured to be based on The Killing Joke, there is a chance that she will be his love interest. His path to insanity began when his pregnant wife passes away due to a household accident. So, Beetz can be a version of Jeannie and the catalyst for his path to madness. What do you think?

4. Batman in this world is different

Matt Reeves Batman Photo

It is known that Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie will be in a different universe than Jare Leto Joker. This presents various questions about the Batman of this world. Since Batman has chased Joker many times, though got Harley Quinn only, it opened up the idea of the two archenemies battling once again.

The latest rumours say that the upcoming Batman will be directed by Matt Reeves. It is also rumoured that Reeves’ version of Batman will be set up in the world of the new Joker movie. That means it will be different from the Batman that is portrayed by Ben Affleck. If this is confirmed, then a new Batman is coming and we may see the chase between him and Joker again.

5. Dark and Grimy

Dark and Grimy DCEU

Many fans have ripped the DCEU for one thing that is for its darkness and grim attitude. When it comes to Man of Steel, people felt the Superman was too moody, In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the fans complained about the entire battle between the heroes was too boring.

While Wonder Woman seemed to bring a hope to the DCEU and Justice League added fun that had been missing, the new Joker movie might be the darkest of them all. The comparison is to Martin Scorsese classics like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull and those are as dark as coal. Will fans be able to bear another dark and grimy DC Comics movie? Possibly, since the Joker is a character who finally lends himself to that approach!

So these are the 5 things that we know, 5 things we want and 5 things that we’ve heard or are rumoured in the fandom about the Joker movie.

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