The lion renowned as the King of the jungle was once asleep in his cave, a little mouse began climbing up and down on the body of the lion thinking it as a headstone which stimulated the lion, and he placed his enormous paw on the little creature and opened his giant mouth with razor-sharp teeth to devour him.

the lion and the mouse story
Pardon, O King!” yelled the little mouse. “Forgive me this time. I shall never recur it, and I shall always remember your kindness. And who knows, One day I might help you somehow.

The king of the jungle was so amused by the idea of the timid mouse that he lifted his paw and left him.

One day later, some trappers seized the lion and fastened him to a tree. They then went to bring the wagon to take him to the zoo.

the lion and the mouse story

In the meantime, the little mouse emerged there, and on seeing the lion in an unfortunate condition, he ran up to him and crunched the ropes that leaped the lion.

“Was I not right?” said the excited and happy mouse.

MORAL: “No Act of Kindness however small is ever wasted”

The Lion and the Mouse Story: Video

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So that’s all kids, this was a short tale of the lion and the mouse that showed the kind acts of both the creatures. Do let us in the comments section below, what you learned from the story?