The official trailer for Dragon Ball Super Broly has arrived

We’ve got some big news for all you anime and especially Dragon Ball Super fans out there. During Comic-Con International at San Diego on Thursday, Toei Animation and Funimation Entertainment unveiled the epic trailer for Dragon Ball Super Broly, the new Dragon Ball Super movie.

It’s time to officially board the hype train as the official trailer for the new Dragon Ball Super movie has arrived. Dragon Ball Super Broly has been long awaited by fans since it was first announced and the new look of Broly had been making fans go crazy. Well all we can say is that the hype surrounding Dragon Ball Super Broly has definitely been well deserved. This can be seen by the trailer for DBS Broly, the movie in which the fan favorite character is making a comeback after his three previous movie outings during the time of Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Super Broly has been gaining a lot of interest considering the character of Broly is being completely rebooted by the original legendary creator of the series Akira Toriyama. The character designs, screenplay and original story for Dragon Ball Super Broly has all been overlooked by the man himself, Akira Toriyama and his amazing influence can be seen in the quality of the trailer itself.

Here is the amazing and mind-blowing trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer

Hope you enjoyed the spectacular trailer for the movie, Dragon Ball Super Broly and it’s got you excited for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie as many other fans.

The trailer for Dragon Ball Super Broly seems to be revving the animation a whole notch higher, as there are some amazing shots of our favorite characters ranging from our lead protagonist Son Goku to Vegeta, Beerus and Whis and of course the evil emperor Lord Frieza. What else is amazing about the trailer for DBS Broly is the fact that the animation and art style is quite reminiscent of the Dragon Ball Z anime which many fans seem to be glad about. Fans have been requesting for a more similar art style to Dragon Ball Z for Dragon Ball Super since it’s early episodes. Looks like Shenron has finally granted the wish of the fans as Dragon Ball Super: Broly has a more polished art style and amazingly kinetic animation.

What is to be seen now are the changes that will be brought to the character of Broly in Dragon Ball Super Broly. What can be seen from the trailer so far is a positive expectation for good things to come out of this movie and the release date for DBS Broly could not be any further away from fans waiting eagerly for this movie.

Dragon Ball Super Broly will be released in Japan on 14/December/2018 and in the United States of America in January 2019.

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