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Short Film: ‘The Other Way’ Review, Imtiaz Gives a Unique Blend to Direction.

The Other Way is a short film, filmed under the banner of Large Short Films. Written and Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Starring Pavail Gulati and Shreya Chaudhary.


The story whirls around a going-to-be bride, who wishes and dares to take a step before finally getting into a conjugal life. The movie portrays the whole story in backdrop, giving weight to the value, aspect and rhythm of time, that any mightiest person can conquer any damn thing in the world but not “time”. Most importantly her boldness to accept the fact that it’s her life and she can live the she wants to.


Pavel and Shreya both have put their heart and soul into the acting part making it more admirable and realistic, making it helpful for the movie too, for being alive and easy to connect with. Direction has a very unique style to depict the story by taking the story forward but visualizing in backwards, with a narrative that makes you inquisitive to know where and how it started ? In short a cute and simple story showcased from a different angle, with good choice of actors making it more heartfelt. Imtiaz also kept that zest alive in the direction by keeping it crisp and clean.

A good message for youth that if you get bored of something, try to add spark to it than running from it because certain things are all about feelings not possessions. Undoubtedly it was good to see that time, if seen from different perspective, can change the complete flavour of the movie. Especially director’s endeavours are clearly visible and he stood to his quality of making even a simple story a worth watch.

The Other Way


Story whirls around a going-to-be bride, who dares to run away from her marriage, which is a cliché. Running from marriage is fine but with a sheer stupid reason is not valid. She could have justified it by saying that she wants to live her life, she loves someone else, she wants some time or any possible thing.

It was all a haste, if I give voice to other short films they are crisp and short too but it looked little unfinished.

Rating- 3.5/5 stars

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