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The Overwatch League Playoffs Schedule

The Overwatch League’s Stage 3 was recently finished with New York Excelsior as champion. The last Stage, i.e. 4 will start from 17th May and it will be the last stage of the Overwatch League season. After this, the league will be concluded at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. But before the finals, one needs to have the finalists and they will determine by the first ever Overwatch League playoffs. The Overwatch League Playoffs Schedule is already here before the last stage matches to encourage teams more to perform hard to get in Playoffs.

Overwatch League Playoffs

The Overwatch League Playoffs

The regular season of Overwatch League i.e. Stage matches will conclude on June 17. The Playoffs will begin on July 11 and will be held at  Blizzard Arena Los Angeles.


After the regular season, six teams will qualify for the Playoffs. The top teams with the best regular season record will have an advantage of a first-round bye. The other 4 will also advance to the playoffs but without any advantage.

Quarterfinals will be played on the following days:

  • 11 July ( 6 PM CT, Wednesday )
  • 13 July ( 6 PM CT, Friday )
  • 14 July ( 3 PM CT, Saturday )

Semifinals will be played on the following week on 18, 20 and 21 July with same timings schedule by days.

In the playoffs, each round will be played in the format of the best of three series from which advancing team must have to win in two matches. Each match will be deiced by best of five maps like Stage finals.

In the quarterfinals, teams will compete on based on their overall Stage season standings. The 6th seed will face off 3rd seed and 4th will compete against 5th seed. 

While in the Semifinals, the 1st seed will face the lower seeded Quarterfinal’s winner whereas the highest seeded winner of Quarterfinal will compete against the 2nd seed, The two emerging will clash each other in the grand final at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The world champion will take $1,000,000 home.

Source By: Overwatch Website

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