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The Remix Episode 4 Review, Love is in the air with a new twist!

The Remix Episode 4 is out on Amazon Prime is an ongoing music show, Showcasing on Amazon Prime with a new episode release every Friday, is out with its all new Episode-4.
In the last episode of The Remix our teams perform with live musicians and instruments bringing a unique and fresh twist to their tracks and giving some mind blowing performances.

The theme of love brings a line-up of 8 romantic and heart-warming tracks that include ‘Raabta’, ‘Gazab ka hai din’ and ‘Sunn raha hai na tu’. With some outstanding performances and breath-taking visuals, this episode takes the competition to a new high, resulting in a shocking elimination!
This episode is going to fill life with music and love, as you can’t have one without the other. Judges will be giving scores out of 10.

The Remix Episode 4

Let’s Begin the Feel!
Here we go, celebrating Bollywood Love Song with a new twist.
Took the stage and keep the ball rolling, is my favorite duo Sreerama and Candice, making a rendition of ‘Kabhi Jo Badal Barse’ and ‘Sun raha hai na tu’. Oops! Like the judges I also was expecting to have an outstanding performance from them but they just stood average today. Sunidhi liked the singing little less as she found him less comfortable while performance, whereas Nuclea gave a piece of advice to improve the production next time.

Came up next to rock the stage is another awesome duo Rashmeet and Surreal. Giving new music to ‘Ranjha Ranjha’ they just delivered a fine performance, but liked by all three judges.

Here we have another performance by Manasi and DJ Akhil. Appreciated for her fantastic singing and overall giving a nice performance, remixing ‘Gazab ka hai Din’. Amit too praised Manasi for her flawless singing.

Next up we’ve got Akasa and DJ Skip, remixing ‘Ek main hu or ek tu’. Gave a superb performance as per Sunidhi but didn’t make much difference for Amit as it was similar to the previous one. Making it a good piece overall.

Another performance is given by Yash and Kryll. Making a remix of ‘Jee Le Zara’, failed to impress judges and wasn’t able to reach their expectation, ended up giving a flat performance for all with some best wishes for the next time by Nuclea.

Next in the list we got Prakriti and Kiran, making a rendition of ‘Raabta’. It was just a fine performance by them as Sunidhi find the track bit monotonous and Amit asked Kiran to come out of his comfort zone, as he found him stick to his expertise.

The Remix Episode 4

Now next to rock the stage here come Nuclea’s and my favorite, none other than Thomson and NSG. Remixing, ‘Bol Do na Zara’ and ‘Teri Galliyan’. It was not as awesome as we expected, Nuclea didn’t like it much. But Sunidhi and Amit liked it thoroughly and they found it superb too.

Last but not the least, Rupali and Nawed are here to perform their piece i.e. a remix of Sunidhi’s song itself, ‘Deedar De’. Judges find it a bit ‘extra’ and overall it came out as just a good kind of track.

The Remix Episode 4

It’s obvious to get curious to know the final result of any battle. This show has a shocking elimination and someone just got ‘a close shave’ from elimination. Look forward to who is safe this week and who stood on top this time, exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Next episode is going to have a unique deal for the contestants; they have to create tracks from music sounds around us. Woah! Sounds Exciting.

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