The Remix Episode 7, give stupendo hits for the retro renditions!

The Remix is an ongoing music show, Showcasing on Amazon Prime with a new episode release every Friday, has served us it’s all-new Episode-7. In the previous episode Six phenomenal guest singers: Raja Kumari, Nikhita Gandhi, Nakash Aziz, Shadab Faridi, Mame Khan and Ikka Singh joined the party and transformed it into a grand affair! This episode came with a no- elimination tag and the competition hits a pause, making way for some brilliant collaborations, superb performances and remixed tracks that are simply hard to forget and the night was a Musical Extravaganza with No-Elimination!

The Remix

Fantastic start to a kick-ass episode!

‘Bass Ka Raja’ Nucleya joined by the sensational singer Mansheel Gujral, starts off this party with his signature style performance. A blast from the past, the theme is remixing new tracks in retro style, bringing a fresh take to songs like Matargashti, Ambarsariya and Chittiyan Kalaiyan. The competition elevates to new heights with some of the craziest and most mesmerizing performances.

The Remix


Taking us to funky town its Akasa and Skip, performing first making a retro-remix of “Sooraj Dooba Hai”, gave a lovely performance which is truly liked by all the judges. Karan’s compliment and best wishes spread like an icing on the cake.

Our next team is world apart with a punjab ki kudi and a homy from the hood NYC, it’s Rashmeet and Su Real. They set the stage on fire by making a retro-remix of “Ambarsariya”. Judges enjoyed the performance thoroughly and that karnataka instrument used by Rashmeet made it on the whole a rocking one! Getting a standing ovation by Nuclea, received heartfelt compliments from the other judges too.

This duo’s entertainment is personified, came on stage to rock with some funk all disco beats is Thomson and NSG. Making a retro-rendition of “Hare Ram Hare Ram”. It was truly an 80’s spot-on performance, made sunidhi and other two danced and received a standing ovation by Sunidhi. Nuclea was impressed as the duo is one of his favourites and mine too. They were really awesome with powerful beats and beautiful bass.

“Our teams gotta give all they have as in the end the TOP-5 selection awaits!”

This team has experimented a lot with there music and now hoping to strike the right note, here comes Rupali and Nawed giving a retro-remix to “Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan + Dus Bahane”. Everything was good but judges weren’t impressed and the performance seemed to be a Basic one than the competition demanded.

Our next duos are the power packed performers and youngest of all. Here comes Yash and Kryll, presenting the mix of retro and blues on “Afgaan Jalebi”. Yash sang very well but the music didn’t seem complimenting to the singing for Amit and Sunidhi also find that big moment missing but yeah! Nuclea gave a standing ovation for Yash’s singing.

Here comes the next duo, the star of the stage, Sreeram and Candice. Completely on fleek are their looks,sound and entertainment quotient which makes them my favourite and Nuclea’s too. #performersgoals Making us swing to the music on “Matargashti”. As expected they gave a phenomenal performance, cleanly perfect and a crisp wow!

The Remix

What Awaits You?

Yeah! Precisely, you must be hot in collars to know who managed to stay on top and who became the causality of the show? Who remained and who left us? Grab the results of the show, exclusively on Amazon Prime. Until the next time we will be rocking the wicket! The next episode promises to give us a musical extravaganza like never before as our Top 5 gonna perform some out of the box pieces that you can’t afford to miss it.