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The Remix Grand Finale Review, The Title Has Finally Been Bagged!

The Remix Grand Finale Review, Spectacular Show In The History Of Music Reality Shows.

The Remix was a brand new Amazon Prime Original that pairs DJs and singers to compete in the ultimate music spin-off challenge. Created and produced by Greymatter Entertainment, The Remix revolutionizes the concept of music reality shows in India.

The Remix Grand Finale


The Journey Till The Grand Finale.

10 episodes of killer performances with 10 of the best of the countries. The Remix, a brand new Amazon Prime Original reality show that paired DJs and singers to compete in the ultimate music spin-off challenge, exposing the contestants in and out of their comfort zones. Competition has reached unreal heights where all our teams were blowing us away with their awesome vocals and song productions, now our top 3 teams are ready to fight to the finish.

The Remix Grand Finale

A Glimpse Of Grand Finale.

In the complete binge fest of the musical festival from the house down performances, this was the day to disclose it all with grandeur and entertainment. The grand finale got 3 rounds lined up for the contestants. Round 1:- Best Foot Forward, a battle to the mettle in order to outshine each other. Round 2:- Same Song Re-imagined Challange, all teams were to perform the same song in their own style. Round 2 is followed by the elimination as judges were to score the performances out of 30 each and then select the top 2 teams for the next round.  Round 3:- Face Off, a challenge between the top 2 teams which is further planned in 3 rounds.

Round 1&2:- Best Foot Forward and Same Song Re-Imagined

Great start with the finale. Our creative team- Rashmeet and Su Real nailed it with their performance on the rendition of ‘Ye Ishq Haye’. Judges really liked the performance and they truly came out with the best foot forward. Whereas in round 2 they performed on the remix of ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ and their performance was most enjoyed by the judges.

Set the benchmark of their vocals with wondrous track arrangements. To light up the stage here came Thomson and NSG performing their piece on the rendition of ‘Dhinka Chika’. Judges were highly impressed by the killer track and incredibly energetic performance. Somewhere naive to give the remarkable performance in round 2, Thomson impressed the judges with his great singing.

Downright dangerous duo with crazy compositions and trendsetter of the wonderful performances, Sreerama and Candice made all 3 judges give them a standing ovation on the fabulously phenomenal performance on the remix of ‘Sadda Haq’. That was really a top-notch production. But they stood just fine in round 2.

The Remix Grand Finale

Show Stealer!

After the incredible performances by our awestruck teams, here comes the cherry on the cake and the show stealer of the grand finale. Amit Trivedi gave a tremendous performance putting the stage on fire.

The Remix Grand Finale

ROUND 3, An Epic.

After the stupendous and groovy rounds here comes the epic of all, round 3, which is further split into 3 parts. 1st Part:- WAR OF THE DJ’s, DJ’s gonna battle it out. 2nd Part:- WAR OF THE SINGERS, Singers are gonna battle it off, kinda face-off. 3rd Part:- JUGALBANDI, Culminating the competition a non-stop music battle.

DJ Candice and DJ Su Real gave their best in part-1 making the audience groove on the beats of their music production on ‘Dreamum Wakepum + A Raat Bhar’ and ‘Dhak Dhak’ respectively. Got the standing ovation by Sunidhi and Nucleya.

Singers Sreeram and Rashmeet in part-2 gave a magnificent performance by showcasing the magic of their vocals on ‘Albela Sajan‘ and ‘Chahun Main Ya Na’ respectively and making judges go simply wow.

Sreeram and Candice along with Rashmeet and Su Real gave an amazing blast in part-3 that was a Jugalbandi. Remixing ‘Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe’, ‘Rola Pe Gaya’ and ‘Ooh La La’, ‘Jalebi Bai’ respectively.

The Remix Grand Finale

An Astounding Reality Show In The History Of Music Reality Shows.

The Remix Grand Finale and the journey till now were mind-blowing, incredible and astounding.That was one hell of a night as the title has been bagged. The show was distinguished from the other reality shows for it changed the entire concept and thought process of so far’s music and rendition thing, giving a platform to the best musical talents and allowing them to be thoroughly creative with their talents and making India experience the new sound of music like never before! The journey of THE REMIX Season-1 was spectacular and wondrous making the contestants explore themselves in and out of their comfort zones. Anticipating for season-2 to thrill us out again.


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