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The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 24 Spoilers

It was an interesting week for all the Seven Deadly Sins’ fans as we attended the many enthralling battles and truths. The episode ends with the suspense of curse mark on the Meliodas forehead and alters his way of talking.

The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 24
The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 24

Now moving onto episode 24 of the Seven Deadly Sins
Nanatsu in Taizai: Imashine in Fukkatsu or The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 24 will be aired on 30 June, 18, Saturday. We’ve got some spoilers of Episode 24 from the manga, which will be very exciting for all The Seven Deadly Sins’ fans.
Next episode will cover the most astonishing moment in the Deadly Sins history and it is the returning of Meliodas in his Demonic form. In this post, we will spoil you on what’s going in next episode and what will happen to Meliodas?

Here’s the full description of the Meliodas and his history, curse and power abilities.

1: True Power of Fraudin The Selfless;

The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 24,
The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 24,

Merlin states that now Meliodas combat magic power is more than 60000. Although, after seeing the curse mark and combat magic power, Fraudin will recognize him as Captain Meliodas, who was once the leader of Ten Commandments. Also, Fraudin will give him a nickname as a betrayal who betray his own clan and commandments.
Meliodas simply use his brute strength to overpower one of the Ten Commandment.
Fraudin knows that his power will no match for him so he decides to self-destruct himself which will most certainly be able to wipe Liones off the face of the map.

2: Griamor Courage;

During the battle, everyone is with Merlin in her perfect cube and this self-destruct won’t be able to penetrate her perfect cube. On the side, Dreyfus is with his son Griamor unsafe. So Griamor will make a shield barrier across Fraudin to save his father and other people.

That’s all from today’s post. Above article is the only prediction from the manga of the Seven Deadly Sins. If you know more about the next episode, you can discuss it with us in the comment section below.


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