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‘The Titan’ Trailer – Netflix serves ‘An Old Wine In New Bottle’ starring Sam Worthington

‘The Titan’ starring Sam Worthington has nothing worthy to offer

Netflix revealed the trailer for The Titan, the latest flick starring Sam Worthington and Taylor Schilling in the titular role. The peculiar thing about this movie is that earlier it was supposed to have a theatrical release on May 30. However, Netflix bought the rights to the film, and it will be released on March 30. Currently, Netflix has started its violent spree of getting rights to every movie or TV series out there without paying attention to the quality. The plot of the movie is pretty generic where Earth is almost inhabitable because of nuclear war. So, for humans to survive, we must inhabit some other planet in our solar system.

What is the story of ‘The Titan’ ?

Lately, Sam Worthington has been making poor career choices, last on his resume was in 2009 with Avatar. The trailer opens with a narrative where we are told that Earth is in ruins and soon all the resources will be perished pushing human race towards extinction. So, to save human race scientists come up with a plan to inhabit Saturn’s biggest moon Titan and to do that human should be genetically mutated to survive on that planet. Yes, we know it is a meh! kind of story as Sam Worthington playing top-secret military cadet is chosen along with others to undergo the experimentation. Days pass by, and cadets go through grueling regime to custom their bodies for Titan. Soon, things spiral out, and Sam Worthington starts to change both mentally and physically. He now begins killing humans and poses a much more significant threat.

The Titan has nothing new to offer from the story perspective, and it lies under the category of those movies which expect a viewer to use only 10% percent of their brains. The trailer is also complete garbage as they have given away the whole plot in the matter of few minutes. As per us, both Netflix and Sam Worthington should ponder upon the decisions they are making because it will only hurt them in the days to come. Still, if you have interest, you can catch the movie on March 30 on Netflix.


Lets us know your views on the trailer. Do you have any expectations from The Titan which is a ‘old wine in a new bottle’?


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