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This game-breaking Apex Legends glitch is making Wraith unstoppable

A game-breaking Apex Legends glitch allows Wraith players to use her “into the void” tactical ability multiple time back to back without any cooldown.

Into the void is one of the powerful tactical ability in the game which grants Wraith an increase in speed and makes her invulnerable to damage.

Wraith Apex Legends glitch

Apex Legends glitch

The player in video below appears to repeatedly use Wraith’s into the void without any cooldown which makes her completely invulnerable to bullets and impossible to kill.

It is entirely not clear how the player executed the glitch, although it seems that interrupting the ability with melee attacks initiated the exploit.

Apex Legends player Darkstar XT, who caught this glitch was playing on PS4 so, it is not confirmed whether this glitch can be exploited on other platforms or not.

This is not the first time that Wraith has been able to use her abilities before proper cooldown, and in the previous instances, the glitch was also initiated by interrupting the ability. In the previous instance, players were able to use Wraith’s dimensional rift multiple times without resetting ultimate charge which has fixed by Respawn Entertainment.

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