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Tokyo Ghoul re 172 Confirmed Spoilers- ” Kaneki vs Furuta”

Tokyo Ghoul manga is about to release its latest chapter this week. Tokyo Ghoul:re 172 chapter will release tomorrow but it seems once again fresh and confirmed Tokyo Ghoul:re 172 spoilers has been surfaced online through Reddit. 5 images of Tokyo Ghoul manga has been leaked for the latest chapter which reveals the synopsis of the chapter.

Tokyo Ghoul re 172 Spoilers

The leaked images from Tokyo Ghoul manga are in Japanese but from seeing them following synopsis for Tokyo Ghoul:re 172 are confirmed:

From the first image shows the Touka taking care of Saiko who is suffering from ROS disease. This shows the Touka’s care and love towards her whether her is from CCG and how their past relationships were. Currently, both are on the same side.

Kaneki vs Furuta

Second and Thirds image reveals the starting of the most awaited battle in the Tokyo Ghoul re manga i.e Kaneki vs Furuta. Finally, Tokyo Ghoul re manga through some light on Kaneki after many chapters. In the images, Furuta seems to be in no mood to back off and says :

“I’ll just say this one thing. I’m… actually much stronger than I seem”

At this reaction, Kaneki is all set to beat the hell out from Furuta and cracks his finger. You will able to see the full showdown between Furuta and Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul re 173.

In the last two images, Amon is crying because he is fighting against his own father. He loves him whether he is a villain or bad one. But at this Donato has no effect and he begins to start laughing and said:”A ‘father’, huh?! What a blunder ” and continues to laugh.

So these are the Tokyo Ghoul re 172 confirmed spoilers which you will witness in the latest chapter. So don’t forget to see Kaneki vs Furuta in Tokyo Ghoul re 172.

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