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Finally!! Ken Kaneki vs Furuta Begins in Tokyo Ghoul.Tokyo Ghoul re 173 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re manga seems to reach its conclusion very soon as it is currently in its final arc. The final arc of the manga is trying to explain everything in deep than other chapters. Tokyo Ghoul re chapter171 shows Yomo defeating Uta. Uta told him the reason of his hate toward the world to Yomo but Yomo explained his reason for having faith in the twisted world. On the other hand, Amon slashed Donato with his Kagune sword. Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 172  has been aired which continues the conversation of Amon and Donato. Let’s go through the chapter before going to have some Tokyo Ghoul re 173 Spoilers or predictions.

Tokyo Ghoul re 172 Summary and Tokyo Ghoul re 173 Spoilers

Tokyo Gohul re 173 spoilers

After receiving a lethal blow from Amon’s Kagune sword Donto’s head cut off from his body. But still, he is alive. Amon realized how much he loves his father but he put all his emotions behind and finally beat him. Donato reminds his evilness of being a ghoul and how he delighted in killing in the orphanage children. Like Uta, Donato also expresses that man is cruel in this world whether he turns into a ghoul or remains same. The world is full of cruelty and twists. Amon reminds Donato how he raised him and grows him at every moment when he was in the orphanage. Amon realised his love towards his father Donato. From the past years, he tries to hate him as a ghoul and a murderer but he can’t. Amon cries a lot at his father’s condition and then Donato finally dies during laughing with tears in his Eyes.

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 172 Ken Kaneki vs Furuta

In the safe house, Touka takes care of Saiko, while Ken Kaneki encounters with Furuta. Furuta doesn’t expect Kaneki to be alive and provoke Kaneki and fight starts. Kaneki starts to strike Furuta with his Kagune before asking him about the reason behind his motives. Furuta runs away from Kaneki but after some moment he hits Kaneki very hard and shows himself stronger than him. After getting a hit from Furuta, Ken Kaneki become serious cracked his finger and chapter end.

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 173 Spoilers or Predictions

Tokyo ghoul re 173 spoilers-

From the event of the 172 chapter, it can be predicted about the Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 173 that in the next chapter you’ll witness again the stronger Ken Kaneki like before as he cracker his finger. In Tokyo Ghoul re manga whenever he cracked his finger he beats his opponent by his powerful Kagune.On the other hand, Owl has been defeated so the whole CCG squad will have some time to rest in the manga. You can witness more scenes from the Touka with Saiko and Quinx Squad returning to see Saiko’s conditions. It is still unclear when Rizw will appear in Tokyo Ghoul but if Ken Kaneki vs Furuta ends you’ll witness the appearance of Rize but its possibility is very low as Kaneki vs Furuta is most awaited fight in Tokyo Ghoul which will continue in Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 173.

These are Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 173 spoilers purely based on the previous chapters. When the original spoilers will come we will update the post.

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