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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 New Poster and Launch date revealed

A new poster for the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul: Re (Tokyo Ghoul 3) has been revealed. The poster is indicating that the third season will begin from the 3rd of April.

For the upcoming series, there have been changes, the Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul will have a new director and the character designer. The rest of the team will remain the same who has also worked on the previous two seasons.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3
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Synopsis: In the fall of events we know that Haise Sasaki and the Quinx Squad has a single objective to eliminate the evil ghouls. Haise Sasaki has been given the responsibility to train the Quinx Squad on how to be great researchers, but his task won’t be so easy as the varied personalities of his students. The complexion also resides with Haise Sasaki as he is still unravelling his Ghoul Powers.

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