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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10 Review- “think: Sway”

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is now only 2 episodes away from its end. The last episode was a mix of feelings, emotions, and fight and this continues in Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10. Tokyo Ghoul:re episode 10 was like a roller coaster of feelings and emotions.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10 Review

In Tokyo Ghoul:re episode 10 , Kanae confronts Eto in an ally after getting injured by Quinx Squad. He tries to battle Eto but she knocks down him and captures him. Kanae reveals that he loves Tsukiyama but Tsukiyama is only behind Sasaki and that’s why he wants to kill Sasaki. Eto tells him that she will become her god and help him to achieve his goal.

On the same night Ui finally agrees with Haise’s ghoul impersonate for investigation. Haise wears Ken Kaneki’s maks i.e. Eyepatch and everyone ghoul in the investigation area calls him an eyepatch ghoul. After discussing the investigation with Quinx, Haise find out that Ken Kaneki is an eyepatch ghoul who killed Amon during Owl Suppression operation. Once again, he sees ken Kaneki crying about killing Amon. Having many questions about Ken Kaneki Haise meets Tsukiyama once again and asks him about Ken Kaneki but Tsukiyama refuses to tell him. At CCG  he finds nothing about Amon and Ken Kaneki. Then, he asks Akira about Amon and she reveals Amon as her coworker died in Owl Suppression Operation but denies to tell further. Haise screams at her and asks her more but Akira gives a hug.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 10

On the other hand, Kijima captures and kill Azila. At headquarters, Tsuneyoshi Washu order Ui to begin rose extermination with rest of the squads. Tsukiyama father gets news about the CCG move and he gives the drug to Tsukiyama and sends him with Matsumae to Luna Eclipse for escape from the town via helicopter. CCG arrives at Tsukiyama mansion to attack but Mirumo Tsukiyama ( Tsukiyama’s father ) surrender himself for earning time for Tsukiyama to escape but CCG also reaches there. Many ghouls from the rose empire gather there to protect Tsukiyama and fight with Doves. On the other hand, Eto continues to humiliate and brainwashing Kanae by inserting her Kagune’s bone into him.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10 Review

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10

In Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, Haise is now getting serious about Ken Kaneki and his past. He wants to know everything about his life. On the other hand, Kanae surrenders himself to Eto to achieve his goal to have Tsukiyama’s love in his life. But Eto is up to something different and her motive is still not clear. So, things are getting lit up as everyone’s emotions and anger are firing up and rose extermination now begins. Only 2 episodes are left in this season and now the time comes that you’ll witness the most awaited appearance of Ken Kaneki during these two episodes.

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