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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 4 Discussion Review, Auction Arc

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 4 Discussion starts with the Mutsuki being displayed at the auction stage. Following up the theme song Toru finds herself in a container, as far she can remember, she got into the car with Investigator Suzuya

As the auction process get starts, it reveals the presence of Big Madam. Aogiri Tree members are also there for the protection of Big Madame, which includes Hinami, Ayato and others

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 4 Discussion  Review

The auction gets hosted by Clowns, with Uta taking the lead with the auction. Yoshiki Okura popular actor is presented as the first item for the auction. The bidding for the actor starts at 10 million, with all the members present at the auction starts bidding for the actor. Both the bidder number 33, Mirumo Tsukiyama and bidder number 1 Big Madam, battle over the bid for the actor. But at the end actor gets sold to Bidder no 33

As the second item, Toru is being displayed by Uta to bidders.Bidding process starts for Toru auction at 10 million and Uta whispers in her ear that plan failed no one will come to save you. Toru goes off to Big Madam for 200 million in its battle against bidder no 33

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 4 Discussion

Nutcracker was taking the Toro from a passageway and kiss her sweetly for being sold at 200 million. Next in the auction is displayed a girl with a doll face and he is none other CCG Suzuya, as soon he enters the scene, he sent out flying blades at Uta partially knocking him down. He takes on the ghouls seated in the starting rows with his knives. Big Madam realizes that he is her own son Juzo. Now the ghouls present in auction realizes that they are being attacked by CCG and they notice that they are being surrounded by the CCG officials which includes Mado’s daughter, Quinx squad with Haise Sasaki. They receive the order from the senior CCG members to launch an assault at Ghouls and the building. With their mission including to eradicate all the ghouls and encapturing Big Madame.

The battle between the CCG officials and Aogiri tree members begins, with the first line of attack from Naki and its squad against the CCG. We realize that Hinami has joined the Aoigiri tree and she is taking the calls from the front and managing the Aogiri team there. He orders Ayato, to make sure that Naki and Miza punch a hole in the CCG perimeter. She will protect Big Madam. Hinami asks Karao Saeki to come along with her. Quinx squad takes on the ghouls at the entrance of the building

Mutsuki kicks Nutcracker on the back and flees away from her. On the other side, Suzuya was taking on the Bunny rabbit Ayato. Kanae von Rosewald from the Tsukiyama Family goes to tickle with Toru who manages to flee away from the Nutcracker. Miza Kusakari aka Triple Blade Ghoul and Naki comes up more powerful against the CCG squad. But Mado’s daughter comes to their rescue. Mr Saeki and Kanae von Rosewald quarrel each other for Mutsuki.

In the Aogiri base Akihiro Kanō, Eto discuss whether they should send the Owl and then Eto asks Takizawa are you ready to go? Takizawa answers he is starving for a great while. He enters the auction building and takes down assistant senior Ghoul investigator straight away.

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