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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 5 Review -“Night Of Scattering”

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 5 has been aired now and it shows the Seidou Takizawa craziness behind the human blood and nutcracker’s cleverness to rip off doves. So, without any wait lets review Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 5.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 5 Review

It looks like Kanae is not in the mood for letting his master’s will down and she is trying her best to fulfil her master’s wish. She is not letting anyone get hands-on Mutsuki and want to present her as a gift to her master shuu who is in depression in the loss of his beloved Ken Kaneki. She kicked Mutsuki to stop her from running but Quinx Squad is not the squad to let their member getting in hands of someone else. Suddenly, Urie kicks Kanae to back her off from Mutsuki. It looks like Kanae is so badly want to fulfil the wish of her master that she knows the scent of Haise Sasaki and she blames him for all the happening to her master.

In episode 5 Seidou Takizawa takes all spotlight. From Kanou operation, he gets turned into a One-Eyed ghoul and now he forgets the humanity and another pet of Ito. He is so crazy to drink human blood that he starts ripping off Atou’s squad heads to get his “jam”.

From the last episode, Nutcracker is still a huge problem for the doves. She produces both kokaku and bikaku at the same time and also set kagune trap and starts ripping off the doves from above.She likes to destroy men’s private parts after ripping them off.

On the other hand, Akira is now fully able to use Fueguchi and also knows how to play with the emotions of the ghouls.Naki seems to be powerless in front of her because of his past life’s pain that recalled by Akira but Gagi and Guge protect him by taking bullets from doves.

However, there is no doubt about the Suzuya combat skills but he seems to be powerless against Ayaoto without his Jason Quinque and knives.But luck is with him as Hinami tells Ayato to help mentally hurt Naki. Also, Kanae Rosewald gets protection by the Matsumae who forms a Kagune wall that is unbreakable by Quinx squad.

In the Tokyo Ghoul:re, Urie shows fake behaviour and always try to show his smartness. When Quinx Squad gets orders from head to go after Nutcracker and escorting Mutsuki outside the auction mansion. Urie goes with Mutsuki but like always he manipulated Mutsuki and rush towards to find Big Madam and other ghouls who were in the auction in hope of getting a big reward but there he meets with Suzuya who was following Big Madam after the fight with Ayato. Both rushes towards the ghouls and Big Madam.Urie give his all out to kill madam but get half swallowed by her.

Haise Sasaki never denied an order like Urie and always take care of his squad. When he, Saiko and Shirazu rushed towards administrative building they find Noato. Suddenly, Takizawa also reaches their get taste of Haise Sasaki. He is completely turned inhuman and lost the will to protect someone. From the order of head, Haise is asked to fight Takizawa alone while Shirazu and Sakie with Naoto rushed towards an administrative building in search of Nutcracker. Shirazu and Saiko love Haise more than they respect him. They didn’t want to leave Hiase to fight SS rating One Eyed Ghoul Seidou Takizawa. But Haise knows the situation so he asks them to leave.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is getting more content episode by episode. This episode was full of encounters between the ghouls and doves. On one hand, where Matsumae guards Kanae, on the other hand, Takizawa wiped an entire squad. Akira also used her experience to emotionally hurt Naki and take advantage whereas Urie is doing his own things from the start of the season. Haise is still calm and following orders but the things in next episode will be tough for him as he will face ss rated ghoul Takizawa. As you know he is not strong enough even in his ghoul form. Will he take help from his former one??

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 6 will air on 8 May 2018.You can watch the full episode on Funimation. Buy the premium subscription of Funimation for just $5.99/month for watching all your favourite anime.

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