Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Or Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 Announced

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4

As you know Tokyo Ghoul season 3 or Tokyo Ghoul:re is ending very soon with the build-up of the great storyline in the rose extermination arc. But it looks like series will not make fans wait longer like before as Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 has been announced from the latest issue of Shueisha’s Young Jump.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 Is Coming

In April, Yonkou Production tweeted the news about the Tokyo Ghoul:re having 24 episodes split cour. But that time many fans didn’t believe him.

Now, it is confirmed that we will witness more story of Ghouls in the Tokyo Ghoul:re season 2.

If you don’t know about “cour”, it is a seasonal batch of 12 or 13 episodes which covers one arc of the story and season with two cour have episodes into halves.

Currently, Tokyo Ghoul season 3 is in Rose Extermination Arc and it will end with the end of this arc. In the last two episodes, you’ll witness Ken Kaneki controlling the whole body of Haise first time with the return of some memories. Many fans were expecting Arima vs Ken Kaneki in this season but don’t worry since Tokyo Ghoul season 4 is coming, the most awaited battle will happen but after waiting for little time.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Release Date

Currently, Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Release Date is not confirmed but it is speculated to be air in the fall season of 2018 i.e. from October 2018.

Tokyo Ghoul:re is set after the two years of the events of the original series. Haise Sasaki aka Ken Kaneki now become a member of the CCG and leader of the special squad. He has implanted the Quinque into the bodies of the fellow squad members to make them half ghoul. But he is still suffering from amnesia due to which he lost his all memories from the past.

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