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Tokyo Ghoul:re 171 Spoilers Confirmed Uta Is Alive

After the golden week, Tokyo Ghoul:re 171 chapter will release this week. But some scans of chapter 171 has been leaked online which reveals some massive spoilers. AccoTokording to the scans, we have some Tokyo Ghoul:re 171 spoilers.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 171 Spoilers

There are total three scan images of the upcoming chapter get leaked online on Reddit, according to the first pic Yomo seems carrying Uta on his back and returning to their base. The English translation of their conversation posted by a WordPress Author on Reddit is:

“You are my pain.

[I cannot live with you, nor without you.]

You will kill me, you will keep me alive.”

It confirms that Uta is alive and there is something he plotted with Renji to help them. It’s just like old days of their fighting with each other. In the second image, Amon gets more serious on Donato and he unleashed a huge Kagune sword and said :

Was corrupted, I am also, I am.

After saying these lines he cuts Donato’s lower body with his Kagune Sword and said: “I Love You Donato”. It reveals the love of Amon towards his father but he also aware of his crimes So, he doesn’t hesitate to kill Donato.

These events are just part of the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul:re 171 chapter but these confirmed the win of Amon against Donato and again a reunion of two old friends Yomo and Uta.

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