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“A Heartful Reunion In Tokyo Ghoul”. Tokyo Ghoul:re 172 Spoilers

After the golden week finally Tokyo Ghoul:re 171 chapter has been released and it shows a heartful moment and a great comeback. We also have some Tokyo Ghoul:re 172 spoilers or predictions which can be true or not be.

So before heading to the Tokyo Ghoul:re 172 spoilers lets take a look what happened in the 171st chapter.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 171 Review

A Heartful Reunion

After a heated battle between Yomo and Uta finally, Yomo knocked down Uta in the alley by his attack. In chapter 170 it was looking that the journey for Uta in Tokyo Ghoul was up to here. But it seems he is alive and Yomo is with him. He again remembers his old day of fighting with Yomo and when Itori carries them to the house. He tells Yomo his feeling that when he joins Anteiku he feels that Yomo is now gone for forever at the very far place.

Uta feels very lonely after his parents, siblings and people of 4th district died. They were everything to Uta and it seems Uta’s world is an empty place without them. But Yomo gives him a strength for living by telling his experience as a ghoul with a family like Uta. In his past, he feels same like Uta when he lost his sister, Touka and Ayato’s father and he completely shattered when Anteiku gets destroyed. He blames himself for all of this and thinks that the situations were completely different if he struggled like Ken Kaneki to save and protect everyone.

Yomo is a real man who accepts his achievements and mistakes like Ken Kaneki and now want to stand firm and fight for what he will gain something. Upon asked by Uta he reveals his reason for fighting hard is Ken Kaneki and Touka’s child. Yomo always wants to be live life as granduncle and he wants to become Ken’s child granduncle. Ken and Touka are the reason behind Yomo’s overcome form his loss and despair. That’s why he is always ready to fight even against his old friend Uta anytime Uta wants.

Yomo carries Ut on his back and both talks about Ken Kaneki and Touka.

Strong Comeback

Tokyo Ghoul:re 172 Spoilers

On the other hand, Amon is not in the mood of forgiving Donato for his doing. Sediou Takizawa is on audience seat and reminding the Amon’s true motive. Amon always Despise the ghouls as he is an Orphan raised by man-eating ghoul ( Donato). Takizawa asked Amon the reason behind the wearing of a cross. This makes Amon more furious toward the Donato. He always blames Ghouls who are making this world more twisting. Like  Yomo,Amon thanks to the Ken Kaneki to for teaching some valuable things. He accepts that many ghouls are human-friendly and he cannot change the world’s thinking about the ghouls but in his eyes, Donato is purely an evil. Amon always reminds his past to build hate against ghouls and the cross helps him to remind the things happened. Amon shouts loudly and take out a huge Kagune sword and cut out the lower half Of Donato but he still loves him as a father.


Yomo and Uta come together like there old days and this chapter shows the Yomo’s reason to overcome from his past which Uta fails to do. Yomo is a great person as a ghoul as he wants a family and want to Ken and Touka’s child granduncle. He wants peace like Ken Kaneki and will do everything for it. The final arc completely changes the perspective of the talks about the ghouls in the anime or previous manga. Ghouls are now cooperating with CCG to protect humanity whether it is ghoul or human. Tokyo Ghoul:re 171 chapter shows this feeling of ghouls once again and also shows the conclusion of his struggle with past as he finally killed Donato who was one of the reasons for the hatred for Ghouls among humans.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 172 Spoilers or Predictions ( Updated )

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