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Tokyo Ghoul:re 174 Recap and Tokyo Ghoul:re 175 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 174 is aired with bang and fans are crazy to see more fight between Ken Kaneki and Furuta. Before next chapter, I have some Tokyo Ghoul:re  175 spoilers for you.

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 175 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 174 Recap

In Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 174, Ken Kaneki continues the fight with Furuta in his newly Kakuja form after dragon incident. But Furuta seems not affected by the new power of Ken Kaneki and launches towards him. While fighting with Ken Kaneki he remembers his childhood with Tsunieyoshi where he seems worried about the death of ghouls of washuu clans because of their disease.

In meantime, Furuta starts beating Ken Kaneki in madness and again start pushing Ken Kaneki to back foot. He blames Ken Kaneki to act as Paragon of Justice and still trying to protect everyone. But Ken Kaneki refers Furuta behind all this situation.

It looks like Furuta never becomes protective and learning from his past self and grown-up like Ken Kaneki. He mocks Kaneki for failing every time whether it was saving cafe, Aogiri attack, saving everyone as Haise and saving Tokyo.

Furuta badly wants to take everything from Ken Kaneki and with his madness, he transforms into his Kakuja form and starts hitting Kaneki hard. He yells at Kaneki to give him everything he wants and remind his dream to have a family with Rize which never become true.

The chapter shows the same thinking of Furuta as he didn’t change at all. While Kaneki changes himself. Kaneki knows his weakness and already accepted them but Furuta doesn’t want to realize his mistakes. Unlike Kaneki, he won every time but he was still nothing. On the other hand, Kaneki has only desire to protect his loved ones and still doing it. Furuta hates Kaneki as he thinks that he didn’t have the opportunity to live a good and long life with Rize and had a family which Kaneki has.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 175 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul:re 175 Spoilers

These are my Tokyo Ghoul:re 175 spoilers or predictions based on the recent chapters.

Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 175 Spoilers

In chapter 175, there are high chances of showing a flashback of Furuta as he is behind every incident in Tokyo Ghoul manga from the beginning. His flashback will reveal many secrets, his intentions and mysteries of Tokyo Ghoul manga. Being a main antagonist of series, it could happen that he may not win but neither get killed in the series to have his further roles. If his flashback will not show in the Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 175, I will personally hurt because referring him a villain is not good without knowing his perspective and intentions in the whole Tokyo Ghoul manga. On the other hand, Owl will be taken down very easily by Suzuya squad as Amon had killed Donata and maybe Rize will appear in between the fight of Ken Kaneki and Furuta.

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