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Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Recap And Tokyo Ghoul:re 178 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 177 is live now and it shows showdown of Kaneki in his way to kill the oviduct. In Today’s post, I will discuss some Tokyo Ghoul:re 178 spoilers and predictions with you.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 178 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul:re 178 Spoilers

Before going to the Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 178 spoilers, let’s have a quick recap of chapter 177.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Recap

The chapter begins with the Kaneki standing on the main source of the poison after defeating Furuta. Ken Kaneki finally encounters Rize who is controlling the big monster and the fighting between both starts with the series of conjunctions dialogues. Ken Kaneki says her “All Steal and from all something is stolen” and we can’t help it and that’s who we are.

During his fight with Rize’s monster form, he tells about the Ghoul’s characteristics which give a feeling of the ending of the series. When she pierce him with the Kagune, he refers the life of ghouls as sad and empty. Even after an empty life, ghouls are living despite knowing of day ghouls will disappear, one day.

When Rize finally shows her face Ken Kaneki chooses to kill her to end the things and says thank you to her.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 178 Spoilers

So Tokyo Ghoul:re is finally concluding in the next two chapters. This chapter was full of conjunctions about the life of ghouls.

Finally, we saw Rize in the series after a long time. In the next chapter, we will see the conclusion of the final battle of the series where Ken Kaneki will kill the Rize. There is no clue about the Furuta whether he is alive or dead. In chapter 176 he said that he feels that he will die but we didn’t saw him dying. So, we might see his status also.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 178 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 178 Spoilers

There are huge chances that we will get know about the secret organisation V and how Eto is still alive?

We will also see Kaiko’s defeat through the hands of CCG and Quinx.

Our beloved series Tokyo Ghoul:re is going to conclude in next two chapters but there are more secrets in the series which are still unrevealed. I don’t think that the next two chapters will reveal all so there is a hope that Tokyo Ghoul manga part 3 will come in near future to address those stories and gives us a new plotline.

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