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(Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 )Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 7 Review – “mind: Days of Recollections

Like always Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 or Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 7 was a pretty fast episode. In the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul:re all battles were over and its time for the conclusion. Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 7 takes the series off from Auction Mopping Arc of Tokyo Ghoul:re manga to the ceremony before entering to the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. We also have some Tokyo Ghoul:re spoilers from the manga.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 7 Review

(Tokyo Ghoul: re)Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 7 kicks off with the conclusion of the battle between Haise Sasaki and Takizawa as Arima comes with squad into the main auction hall. Hinami recognizes him as  “Death God of CCG” and waits for her death. But Haise saves her by taking her custody by simply asking Arima. On the other hand, Takizawa encounters with Akira who recognize him and then he escapes.

After the end of Operation, Akira Mado elaborates their two missions of that day. One who wasn’t shown in the episode was to protect the Quinx steel from Aogiri tree members on the same day of the Auction hall mission. She has still hope for the surviving of Amon as Takizawa is also alive. In the promotion ceremony, everyone got their promotion by having one rank up but Urie still has his grudge against Haise. Haise meets instructor Gomasa Tokage from the academy and talks about Mutsuki. Haise then gets Hillucination of Jason or Yamori.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 7
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Next day Haise invites Arima and Akira to Chateau (Quinx home ) to celebrate their promotion and then all Quinx members with Arima and Akira exchange gifts. On the same time, Haise receives a package consisting Ken Kaneki’s mask and a book signed by Ken Takatsuki.

From Starting of Tokyo Ghoul: re Haise wonders about his past self Ken Kaneki. So he starts to investigating about him, he visits re cafe where Touka who is unfamiliar to him now gives him Coffee. He doesn’t see Uta and leave from there and wonders about the absence of all news about Ken Kaneki. Tsukiyama is still in a state of hunger and completely shattered.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 7

Tokyo Ghoul:re Spoilers

Difference From Manga

The Below post has some Tokyo Ghoul:re spoilers if you don’t read the Tokyo Ghoul manga.

The Tokyo Ghoul:re or Tokyo Ghoul season 3 is following Tokyo Ghoul:re manga but at some points, it is little different. In the episode, Haise directly aks for the custody of Hinami. But in the manga, he announces that he has defeat Hinami and wants to take her custody. Arima remains on his guard while talking with Haise. In Tokyo Ghoul: re manga Ken Kaneki ask him to stay quiet to hide from CCG as hallucinations.

If you are wondering about the scene where Haise reminds of Jason in Takoge. Then,  I want to tell that Takoge was an interrogator at Cochlea who interrogated the Jason. Now he is an instructor at the academy. That’s why Haise reminds of Jason in him.


This episode highlights some more events before entering into another arc of the manga. It doesn’t show some battles and more strategies like previous three episode but as the season is continuing Haise is accepting Ken Kaneki. This can be a reason behind the change of his hair colour. His hair colour is now more black than the previous episode. He also gets hallucination of Anteiku. This will be interesting to see the more Hallucination of him and finally get his all memories back.

Tokyo Ghoul season 3 is going on a fast pace and also missing some more details from the manga. But as compared to the season 2 this season is truely a comeback for Toyko Ghoul as they are following Tokyo Ghoul: re manga. Tokyo Ghoul:re or Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will now enter in Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation through the Episode 8. It will air on 22 May 2018.

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