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Top 10 ANDROID APPS 2017

The year is about to end, and there are millions of new apps launched on Android platform. And here we will be discussing about the useful apps for your device. These apps may be launched or updated version and may be not the best, but will be good choice to give some space on your device for these apps. So, here are Top 10 Apps 2017.

Let’s start the list with the most exciting app on the Playstore, with 100Mn downloads. This is basically a all in one app, which allow users to customize the phone by every means, wallpapers, ringtones, alarm tones and even notification tones can be customized in a lot of ways. The app recommends wallpaper and other stuff according to the trend and seasons. The app is not perfect and sometimes irritates with bugs and a lot of Ads. But the features provided by this are very exciting. DOWNLOAD.         

2. FILES GO by Google
This a new app by the Google in the utilities category. This is the popular app in the category and unlike other it is simple cleaning app with no spam behavior. The app simply free up space and check storage of your device by deleting unnecessary data like duplicate photos and apps. Files can be find easily using filters and can be uploaded in cloud storage and can be shared easily in offline mode, without using any other app. DOWNLOAD

This may not the newly launched app of 2017, but it is the one of best keyboard apps, we have on Playstore. Fleksy has the most attractive UI and theme and a lot of designs available and user can also customize the whole keyboard, from background color to key size and many more. The gesture typing and auto correct are also accurate. The keyboard comes with support of 40 languages.DOWNLOAD


This app is new in the Playstore, and it’s simple offline game, which needs no effort to play. It need no skill or timing. It is a simple color perception game, in which you have to rearrange color to a sensible looking design. There are 300+ levels, which allows user to kill the time, even in offline mode. DOWNLOAD

If you ever thought of using energy saving wallpaper for your device, then you can download this app. This app boasts to provide 80k+ 4K, HD wallpapers to choose from. The app works best with the AMOLED display and provides black theme sensible wallpapers, and make sense to the term of saving energy. This is probably the best background app which can be downloaded for free. DOWNLOAD

Many of you might heard the name of this popular launcher, the Nova launcher is the best and popular launcher app for Android users. Yes, it is not new in the market but the constant updates are making it better and better, not only in appearance but also in performance and compatibility with the devices. The app is initially free and provides a lot of features like customizing of icons, wallpaper and others. And the premium version also makes sense by providing other set of features and worth of buying if you are interested enough to make your device look like pixel launcher. But free version is also enough to allow users to do a good amount of customization. DOWNLOAD

This is the another gaming app on the list. But we are not concentrating on the hardcore gaming side, in this list by saying the term “game”. And here we have Leap On. The game is very simple to play, you just to tap on the screen, to save your avatar from colliding the obstacles while revolving around a big ball. The game is addictive and a better option to kill time. The background music is the best part of the game and help user to relax and provides a better experience. DOWNLOAD

This is the another app by Google, this is not a new but one of best app for editing on Playstore. Snapseed is having a simple UI and appearance, which allows user to edit the photos professionally. The app is lite in CPU usage and allows users to do editing, from most basic of cropping, brightness correction to changing perspective and other editing like adding filters and text to the image. This is the consistently the best app for editing in Android devices. DOWNLOAD

This is the second keyboard app in the list and best in many ways. It is not the new in the Playstore but consistently upgrading the features, like prediction engine, like no other app developed yet. Talking about the appearance, Swiftkey provides a lot of design to choose from and also allows users to customize on their own. And the another best feature is the gesture typing, which is also accurate and its fun to type with it. Swiftkey is worth of downloading if you want an awesome typing experience. DOWNLOAD

This is the last app in the list, but it doesn’t means that priority is least. It is one of must-have apps. As name says, it’s a password managing app. You can download it if you are tired of tapping on “forgot password?”, probably because it is hard to remember passwords for a lot of apps. It remembers password for your all logins in a safe place. The app is cross-platform and for every device. The app is secured by a master password. The premium version gives access to LastPass authenticator to go along with it for added security. DOWNLOAD

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