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Transcription services are important if you are in the business of video creation and video marketing. And not only this, If you want to create text transcripts of the videos and podcasts, or want to create closed caption of your video content, then you should really need a Transcription service. There are a lot of services available in the market for transcription for the video or the audio files, also you can go with the Transcription services online too, and according to us, this is the best way to get your work done. Transcription services can also be used to create a text version of the audio files, like the audio of an event or the lecture. Transcription services are really important for specific professions, and here we have created a list of top 10 Audio Transcription Services Online for professional works.

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The below is the list of Audio Transcription Services Online, and we have ranked them on the basis of Quality of work, Time is taken for the delivery of the project and lastly the pricing for the services provided by the company. But, all of them are good in their field, so, we recommend you to go through every single service offered by the company so that you can find best for you.


Top 10 Audio Transcription Services Online



First, in the list of top 10 Audio Transcription Services Online is the Transcription Panda. Transcription Panda is one of the best services that allows the user to upload and submit the audio or the video files for the purpose of transcription to text. And not only this, the user can upload all type of major files without any problem. Transcription Panda accepts files such as .wav, .mp3, .mp4, and all other general files. To convert the audio or the video files to text you first need to submit the files on the official website and then it will be delivered to you later.

The services given provided by the Transcription Panda are not free, the prices start from .95 per minute, which is the basic services if you select “relaxed” option, and after that, you need to wait for the delivery, you’ll receive the converted file in 7 to 10 days. But if you need to get the file earlier, you can go for the standard option, with this, the file will be delivered to you in 3 to 5 business days, with the cost of $1.20 per minute. There is one more option for more fast delivery, with which you will get the file within 24 hours at the cost of $2.40 per minute. We surely recommend the Transcription Panda services for you, you can set the price range accordingly.



Verbal Link is another transcription service online, the reason for ranking it in second in the list of top 10 Audio Transcription Services Online, is the other variety of services that it offers other than Audio transcription, so that if you want these services to need not to find any other services for that work. Other than the Transcription services, you can also take advantage of the other services like Translation services, Subtitling services, Writing services, and also the Localization services. Not only this, with Verbal Link translation services you can also create transcriptions for multiple languages for a video. The other services like writing, localization, and subtitling allow the user to create a text-based transcription for the video contents.




Next in the list is the GMR Transcription services, which stands third in the list of top 10 Audio Transcription Services Online. The notable feature of the GMR Transcription services is that it gurantee 99% accuracy in the audio or video transcription. The US-based services house the best transcriptionists to provide that accuracy for transcription of audio files.

The services provided by GMR Transcription are not free, there are no fixed prices, as we have seen earlier the per minute prices for the transcription of the audio files. You should visit the official site to have a look at the prices they charge for the services, the prices are not fixed, and you will be charged on the customized project that you want GMR to deliver.

Along with the audio transcription services, GMR provides a lot of other services that you can try, like verbatim transcription, timestamps, and grammar correction. GMR Transcription is specialized mainly in projects within academic, legal, and business industries and also work closely with podcasters. We definitely recommend you to give GMR Transcription services a shot for the good customer services.




Fourth in the list of top 10 Audio Transcription Services Online is iScribed. iScribed is similar to Transcription Panda, it offers a transcription service for audio and video. iScribed provides services to create closed caption files and also subtitles for the given videos. And if you are not able to create the subtitle for the videos with using the editing software, you can surely go for the services by iScribed, you also get the option to create subtitles in multi-language. You need to pay for the services offered by iScribed, the price for creating closed captioned titles is $0.89 per minute and $7 per minute for creating subtitles. iScribed is also a good option that can be tried to convert audio data into text quickly and easily.



Next in the list comes, Transcripty, which is another platform for transcription of the audio and the video files. The Transcription service is famous for having big clients like Google, and Microsoft. Transcripty is a US based company which guarantees to deliver the project under 24 hours of time, the speed is not best of the above-mentioned services but you will surely get a quality of work from the services.

Talking about the cost of the services, you can get your audio at the cost of $1 per minute for a 48-hour turnaround on the delivery of transcripted files. There is another package with which you can get the project done in the 24 hours of the period, and for this upgraded service, you need to pay more. Overall services are good, the quality of work is very good, but the price is a little more than the other mentioned services for transcription files online.




All the company that provides services for audio files transcription are good and provides a quality work but charge a little more, but if you are looking for a cheaper services for audio files transcription, you need not worry, we got you covered, in the list we have Scribie, the cheapest services in the list. With Scribie you can get your audio and video files transcription services at the price of $0.75 per minute, but for cheaper services, you need to wait for more to get your work done. Scribie will take 5 days to get the work done, however, an upgraded version is available, in which you need to pay $1.50 per minute of the audio or the video files, and here you will get the project done under 36 hours, and you need to pay a higher amount of $3 per minute, if you want your work done within 12 hours of time set. In our views, you should go for Scribie, if you want a cheaper service for transcription of the audio or video files, but the upgraded services by Scribe are expensive than the other mentioned, for which we have other options to choose, which offers good price and quick delivery of the project.



Next in the top 10 list is the Tigerfish Transcribing, which is another transcription service online. Tigerfish Transcribing is really good in the market, if the preference is time, this is because the services by Tigerfish Transcribing is really fast and good, here, you need not wait for a day or two. This is because, regardles of the qunatitiy of the audio or video file, the services gurantee to deliver the audio transcription file in 2 hours only. And this the notable feature provided by the Tigerfish Transcribing services.

Talking about the price, you need to check it out on the official website of the Tigerfish Transcribing services, and there you will get to know the estimate time and price for the transcription of the audio or video files. And we recommend this to you, if you want to get your wirk done in a small amount of time, you must try the fastest services among above the mentioned services here.



8. REV

Next in the list is, which is a fast service for text transcription of audio or video files and accepts a variety of files that can be transcripted here easily. Rev provides a good quality work and already have worked with a number of popular companies including Google, US Bank, and many more. Rev provides both basic transcription and subtitling of the video files. The customer services are good enough, you should surely try it once. For normal transcription, or for creating captions or subtitles, you need to pay $1 per minute. And for translation of the files in another language, you need to pay 10 cents per word. The overall services are good, and you should surely give it a try.



Next, in the list of Top 10 Audio Transcription Services is CastingWords. This is the audio and video transcription service which offers a number of packages to choose from, so that you can easily find best for you, based on your requirements. CastingWords also claims to have a high accuracy in transcription of the files by easily catching the tricky words.

The price for the services starts from $1 per minute, where you will get the project done within 6 to 7 days. Another upgraded package is also available in which you will get the final work within a day, and for this, you need to pay $2.50 per minute. There is package also available for international transcription at the price of $1.75 per minute.



Then comes the TranscribeFiles in the list of Top 10 Audio Transcription Services, one of the finest transcription services out there. Transcription services provided by the TranscribeFiles is easy and fast. You can visit the website and easily submit the audio or video files, which you want to convert to the text file. Submitting the files is easy and all you need is to wait for some hours to get your work done, the process is fast but not as fast as Tigerfish Transcribing services as mentioned above, as they guarantee for 2 hours, this totally depends on the size of the file which is needed to be converted.

Talking about the price structure for the services provided by the company, there are different packages, and it starts from $0.80 per minute of an audio file. And there is also a different version of the services differentiated on the type of services provided. These TranscribeFiles Services offered through the site, also offer transcriptions from interviews, academic, professional podcasts, legal documents, and more.



Now, time for the BONUS for Top 10 Audio Transcription Services Online.


Last but not the least, we got Transcribe Me in the bonus list of top 10 Audio Transcription Services Online. Transcribe Me is well know services in the market for audio and video transcription for completing high volume transcription projects within a small period of time and this is one of the notable features of the services, also, Transcribe Me guarantees to complete the project with an accuracy higher than 95%, even with the large projects.

Talking about the prices of the services, the price for audio or video transcription starts at the basic price of $0.79 per minute, but we won’t recommend this package, as the finished project will not be edited correctly. Other than this, a standard package is also available, in which the project will be delivered in the time period of 2 -3 days. Transcribe Me also offers the same-day delivery also in their higher packages, where you need to pay $5.50 per minute for the audio or the video files. The higher packages are expensive than the all the above-mentioned services, but you can go with the basic packages also if time is not preference.



If you are looking for a cheaper service that offers a faster time of delivery, Transcription Puppy is for you. Transcription Puppy is the service with which you can get your audio and video files transcription faster and cheaper. The pricing for the transcription starts from the basic price tag of $0.89 per minute for both audio and video files. Transcription Puppy doesn’t provide a variety of services like closed captions or subtitles, but only simple transcription at lower costs and faster delivery. According to the company is able to deliver the files within one day if the size of file is under 1 hour. You should really try this services if you want a good quality work at lower prices and with the faster delivery.


So, this is the list of Audio Transcription services Online. And these are our picks for the top 10 list, let us know your favorites in the comments section below.

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