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Top 10 best anime apps : watch anime on Android

Top 10 best anime apps for Android –

Anime, as we all know, is the most popular cartoon shows made in Japanese animation style, which have fans all over the world from a long period of time. Japanese cartoon culture revealed before the world in 1917 which utterly re-originated as a new style of art in the late 1960’s. Anime is getting its love from fans all over the world and we are pretty sure that you’re one of them, and that’s the reason you are reading this. Many people are interested in watching anime series but didn’t have any idea where to explore the fun. If you’re anime freak, you must be interested in watching the popular and trending anime series. Here, in this post, we will discuss how to watch anime on Android, and we will be sharing the names and our views for top 10 best anime apps for Android.

In the list top 10 best anime app for Android we have listed the apps which need a subscription and are available officially on Play Store, also, we have provided the link for the apps which are not available on Play store.




Top 10 best anime apps –


Top 10 best anime apps

The first app in the list of top 10 anime apps is the Hit Anime app. The app is not available in the Play store in any region for Android device. The app is one of the best apps to watch the latest anime in the world. The app has a good user interface and design, and you won’t feel any problem in surfing in the app. On the home page, you can see the search bar, from where you can search the anime that you want to search, also there is a section where you can see all the recent launched anime. Hit Anime is the best app to watch the latest and recent animes, that refresh on time, so you never go out of the latest animes. Also, you can find a number of lists, where the first Anime List shows the name of anime, the number of episodes, and also the year of the launch of the anime. Also, you can search the upcoming anime in the Anime Schedule section, you can track the episode launch of your favorite anime. Other than this, the Trending Anime and Popular Anime section will show the anime according to the user ratings, so that you can discover all new anime among the gigantic list of anime apps. Talking about the content on the app, we will say the anime library is gigantic, there are hundreds of anime titles present on the app in every category like Romantic, Adventure, Sports, Sci-Fi, Action, Magic, Horror, Comedy, Super Power, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Martial Arts, Fight and a lot more. You can find the rare and popular classic anime easily on the app, and not only this, the app is the house for all the latest anime titles broadcasting these days like Boruto, Tokyo Ghoul: RE, Black Clover, and others. Overall HitAnime is really a good app and you should really try downloading the app, the app is free to use, with no paid version needed to watch any anime and it is a highly recommended app according to us.

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Top 10 best anime apps

For watching anime in the Android device the next in the list of top 10 anime apps is the AnimeDLR. AnimeDLR is one the best-rated app to watch the anime for free, and the database for the animes of different genres is large enough and you can easily find any anime popular that exists, even it is too old. Not only this, you can stream the latest animes easily with the app in high HD quality, also you can watch them later by downloading and saving them offline, just tap the download option, and you can find any of the downloaded anime in the download section of the app easily, and watch them using the app’s own video player. The app simply link the anime from different servers to the video player on its platform so that you can watch them at only one place.

The user interface of the app is not the best of all, but it is quite satisfactory. On opening the app, you will find the app blank, until you find a server from the Sources, to do this, simply swipe right and select the Sources option and select any one server. From that list of anime in the database, you can give them Bookmarks tags to stream them later or download to watch them later. Overall the app is good to watch anime, there is night mode, so you can stream the video and use the app at night to reduce the eye stress. But app may be a mess for the first time users, as they need to search the name of the anime by themselves, as it is hard to discover new anime from the gigantic library, but that’s not a deal breaker at all. You can watch any anime in full resolution, but not when the servers do not support the high resolution, which doesn’t happen generally. Overall the app is the best deal if you want to watch anime for free, the free services are great and you must try the app, both sub and dub versions are present for the anime, but sometimes, the episode gets delay even after the days of launch, but again this is a free app, and it’s not a deal breaker at all.

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Top 10 best anime apps

Another app that deserves to be in the list of the top 10 anime apps is Animania. As the other two discussed apps above in the list, Animania is the house of all the popular anime in a single place. However, the app is not available officially on the Play Store, but you can download the app on your Android device easily using the apk link. Talking about the app, the app comes with a smooth user interface and great design, and unlike AnimeDLR, the content discovery is more smooth, the user can easily check out the recommendation anime in the app easily. Also the tabs like “Popular”, “Latest”, “Browse”, “Shows”, and “Movies” let the user search the best anime according to interest. Talking about the content provided by the Animania app, the collection is large enough, and you will probably find the title that you want to watch. Popular anime titles like Naruto, Bleach, Boruto, One Piece can be found easily in the app. The new and latest anime are also available but the sometimes new episode takes time to upload on the servers, but that is not a very big problem, as the time delayed is one to two days only. The app is free to use, with no in-app purchase for a premium account, which is really a good thing for all the anime fans out there. The user can stream the favorite anime in high-quality, and not only streaming, but downloading options are also available. You must check this out.


Top 10 best anime apps

If you are supposed to be an anime lover, you must come across the app named Crunchyroll, and if not, let us tell you that Crunchyroll is one of the popular platforms to provide the wide range of anime shows. Talking specifically, the anime devoted Asian television platform offers more than 950 shows, over 25,000 streaming episodes, and simulcasting from across the Pacific. If you love anime and can’t wait to watch the latest episode of your favourite anime, you really must download the Crunchyroll app, as the app has the official license for broadcasting the anime from all production house and thus, streams on the day of the launch of the episode. You can watch only a limited number of anime on the app for free, but Crunchyroll offers the great services in its premium subscription, where you can watch any of the available anime on the app. The premium subscription will cost you $6.95 for a month, $19.95 for three months and $59.95 for a year. With the premium subscription, you can enjoy shows from a gigantic library on your device with either resolution of 1080p or 720p with no ads.


Top 10 best anime apps

Similar to the Crunchyroll, the Animelab is the app which is available on Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices. The Animelab service is owned by the Sony Pictures Entertainment, which is subsidiary of the long-standing anime distributors in the West, Funimation and offers the best anime content and from a large variety of anime shows to choose from. Talking about the Animelab app, the user interface of the app is quite good and clean, the user can easily search the anime from the top bar, and not only this but discovering the new anime title is also easy and smooth. The app also suggests different anime shows according to the recent search and interest of the user, which is really good and satisfying. Talking about the content offered by the app, user can stream from a large content library available, however, the free version of the app doesn’t offer all the anime and episode, but if you want more than the limited content, you can buy the premium paid version of the app, which offers all the popular, classic and latest anime of all the time. If you are interested in watching more anime, you can buy the premium version of the app. The premium subscription of AnimeLab will $6.95 for a month, and $69.95 for a year. You can try this out once if you don’t like the service you can cancel at any time in-between.


Top 10 best anime apps

Another platform for watching is Hulu which is quite popular services in many parts of the world, and it is worth mention in the list of top 10 best anime apps. Hulu is paid service which offers to stream a number of anime titles. The app has a great user interface and there is no doubt to say it is one of the best app UI. Talking about the content, some of you already know about Hulu, it provides a lot of content on the platform, movies, TV shows, animes like the Netflix services. And specifically, the anime content is quite good, and as an anime fan, you won’t be disappointed by the services. The app has a good collection of the anime titles which includes My Hero Academia, Himouto! Umaru-chan and One Punch Man, also the classic titles like Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Ranma 1/2, Rurouni Kenshin, Slayers, and Trigun can be found on Hulu including a total of 100 anime titles. Hulu also has a collection of feature-length anime films, such as the venerable Ghost in the Shell. Overall, the app is perfect for the anime lovers, which also completes the need for another type of content as mentioned above. The only drawback is that some of the anime titles may have a season of English dubbed while the second season is only subtitled and the third season is back to being dubbed again. Other than this, there is no major issue that you will feel like an anime enthusiast, and also the content is available for in HD quality for streaming. Hulu is a paid service, you can watch some of the content for the free for a limited time, and the paid subscription includes the AD free app and unlimited streaming of the content on multiple devices using a single account. The cost of premium subscription of Hulu starts from $7.99 and goes till $39.99 per month depending on the type of subscription which you can check on the official website.


Top 10 best anime apps

Viewster is one of the apps for you if you are looking towards a free app to watch your favorite anime. Anime is available on Play store and can be downloaded for free on Android platform. Talking about the Viewster app, the user interface of the app is not the best, but satisfactory, available anime can be found easily with no major issues. The categorization system in the app lets the user search the anime smoothly in the app. Talking about the content available in the library, the Viewster app comes with a mix of content which contains not only anime titles but also the theatrical movie releases, documentaries, indie flicks, Korean drama, and others. Specifically talking about the anime titles, you won’t find a lot of anime titles, only a limited number of animes are there, such as Blast of Tempest, Oreimo, Servant x Service, and Daybreak Illusion, you can give it a shot to find your favorite one. The app is free, and also available on the play store officially, so there will no problem related to the legal issues if you are concerned about it more. You should really try this app if you want some free content. The content is available in the DVD quality, with some of the content available in the HD quality.


Top 10 best anime apps


Funimation is the famous platform and renowned name in the anime streaming services which offers a large database of anime for the users. Funimation has an official app that can be downloaded free from the play store for free. The app offers a very smooth and interactive user interface which is very easy to operate. There are different categories, which lets the user find the favorite anime title by the name, also there are different tabs which shows the anime title recommendation according to the recent searches and watch history. The app also recommends different anime on the basis of the categories selected, hence the app is best in discovering new animes. Talking about the content provided by the app, the app is purely dedicated to the anime shows and movies, you can search your favorite anime form the big anime library, which streams more than 500 shows. The database offers not only the classic anime shows but also the latest launched animes on the app. The Funimation app service has also an impressive collection of anime feature-length films, including many rare titles, and it offers fast-turnaround English language dubs. Overall the app is best for anime enthusiasts.


Top 10 best anime apps

Another app in the list for best anime apps is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, Netflix, almost everyone knows about the Netflix services, but most of the users do not know that Netflix also streams the anime shows. The anime shows in the Netflix database are available for all the countries where Netflix streams show in subbed version. So, who already have the Netflix account can easily watch shows on it. Talking about the anime content, we will say it is not the best option if you are a hardcore anime fan, as there are only a limited number of anime available on the app, some of the names of the anime titles are The Seven Deadly Sins, Knights of Sidonia, One Punch Man, and other 40 animes. Netflix is not a free service, and you need to pay for a single time watching, though the first month is free to watch, we won’t recommend you to buy the subscription if you are interested in watching anime only. But if you want other content, like the famous Narcos, Lost In Space, Sacred Games, and others. Talking about the subscription cost, the Netflix subscription starts from $9.99 to $11.99 per month. And there are a few subscription options you can go for. A $7.99 per month subscription to Netflix lets you watch unlimited hours of whatever movies and TV show you can find on the platform on one screen at a time in SD quality. The middle-tier plan costs $10.99 per month (up from $9.99), and it allows HD streaming to two screens simultaneously. For families with sharing accounts, the $13.99 (up from $11.99) four-screen plan might be a more feasible option. This highest tier also offers HD streaming and unlocks Ultra HD (4K) where available. Netflix is also reportedly testing an Ultra plan for $16.99 per month with HDR video, HD audio, and four concurrent streams. Again it’s not the best recommendation but you should really consider buying the subscription according to your need.


Top 10 best anime apps

Here is another app for the anime lovers who want a free app. Animega is the app which can be an option if you want a free app for watching the free anime shows on your Android device. The best thing about the app is that it is available on the Play store and can be downloaded on any Android device for free. Talking about the app user interface, it may not be the best of all, but it’s good for sure. There are features like Anime list, Favorite list, Editor’s choice, and others, which helps the user to categorize and manage the anime shows that he or she wants to watch. Not only this, the apps make it easier to discover the more new anime apps. The user gets a customized anime recommendation based on the recently watched shows on the app. The best part is that the Animega app provides free anime shows, as it works as a third party app, and provides the content via Youtube. The app is the home of 50+ popular anime shows and not only this, anime music video and fan-made anime video can be found easily on the app. There is a premium version of the app too, where, by paying an amount $2.99 per month user can watch more anime shows under the categories of action, adventure, comedy, and drama.

So, this is all about the top 10 best anime apps for Android. And this is our list of the apps for how to watch anime on Android, let us know in the comment section below, your favorite app to watch anime.

Note: No member of Team VoStory supports the illegal use of apps for watching copyright content and sharing of the copyright content. The above-listed apps are only for the informational purpose, we don’t support any of the services.


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