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Top 10 Best Stremio Addons for 2019 for watching movies & series

Stremio is a media content player which allows you to watch movies, tv shows, live streams, and listen to music. The software also allows you to organize shows and add it to your favourites for watching it later. The best part of Stremio is fluent OS, which in particular better than Kodi. The next good thing about Stremio is you get all the add-ons in one place. We have created a list of Best Stremio Addons for you down below.

First, let us talk about some features of Stremio before checking out Best Stremio Addons.

1) Clean & Easy UI – The software comes with really fluent and easy to understand UI. Navigation from one tab to another is really easy, and installing new add-ons is comparatively easy than Kodi which gives it the upper edge.

2) In-built Add-ons – Stremio provides you with a list of add-ons with the software itself. You just need to navigate to add-ons tab and install them. On the other hand, Kodi requires you to download add-ons externally and add it via the repository.

3) Notifications and Organizer – Stremio also provides you with the facility to get notifications for your favourite series. You will be get notified if any new episode gets added. Also, in addition, you can add your favourite shows to the library where you can make a collection of all your favourite TV shows.

Now let us discuss, how to install Stremio on PC or Mac.

You are required to visit the official website of Stremio and download the application on the computer as per your operating system.

Stremio Download for Windows, Mac and Linux

Stremio 4.4 for Windows
Stremio 4.4 for Mac
Stremio 4.4 for Linux

Then you need to install it as shown in the image below. Once you are done with the installation, open the application and signup with your email ID.

Stremio Addons


Top 10 Best Stremio Addons for 2019

Now, let us take a look at the best add-ons for Stremio. You need to visit the add-ons section by navigating to the top right side of the application. On the left hand section of the application you will get three particular options to add the addons – Official Addons, Community Addons and Add-on Repository Url.

1) Juan Carlos 2 – This is an updated version of Juan Carlos, and it streams content collected from various torrents. It brings you a great collection of movies, tv shows, ebooks and more collected from a range of torrent websites and links.


2) Zooqle – This add-on allows you to watch TV and movies indexed by Zoogle from various torrent sites. The list of torrent websites from where Zooqle collects the torrent streams includes RARBG, KAT, YTS, Megatorrents and others.


3) Popcorn Time – Popcorn Time add-on will make sure that you should never run out of movies and series to binge on, as it adds streams from popular YTS and EZTV hence providing you with a range of links to watch an episode or a movie.


4) The Pirate Bay+ – It is yet again another add-on for streaming movies and series. But it also adds anime to its collection. You can watch your favourite anime shows from this add-on and add it to your library.



5) Netflix – This add-on allows you to watch shows and movies particularly from Netflix. Although, I have found that you may not find links of new releases if it is regional or geolocation based content. For example, if there is a new Spanish language movie, you will find its working link after a period of a week or so. If you might get lucky, you may find the content early.


6) Watchhub – This addon brings the shows of iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and other UK/US streaming services. You can find popular Hulu Tv shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Casual and many more.


7) RARBG Torrent API – This add-on allows you to watch movies, Tv shows and other content via RARBG torrent streams.


8) Radios: If you are a fan of listening to radio online, this add-on is perfect for you as it brings a range of different stations to your hospitality. You can select between various channels and listen to the music anytime.


9) Black Books – If you are an avid reader and love reading books online. This add-on is perfect for you which allows you to read numerous number of titles from open directories.


10) Anime from 4 anime – This add-on adds a list of anime collection to stream your right away. You will find the collection of all the ongoing and popular anime under this add-on.


One more addon is YouTube, which is not a part of the above list but is a worthy mention.


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