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Top 10 Captain Marvel Memes – Will leave You ROFL!

Captain Marvel is the next installment for the MCU. The first look was released about a month back by Entertainment Weekly in their cover story about the movie. After that, a few days ago, the Captain Marvel Trailer dropped which reveals many things about the movie. You can check out the following article for the same. With the trailer comes the Top 10 Captain Marvel Memes.

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Since the release of the first look and now along with the trailer, it is obvious that many scenes from the trailer will be transformed into memes. The memes will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Let’s check out the top 10 famous memes below:

10. Captain Marvel Glowing like Thor and Scarlet Witch

Top 10 Memes

This is not exactly a meme to laugh on bu the meme still looks dope. It shows Captain Marvel’s first time when she got her powers and when she powers up just like it was in the case of Thor and Scarlet Witch. This meme looks awesome.

9. Captain Marvel is the new Captain!Top 10 Memes

This meme is quite funny. Looking at the face of Cap will leave you laughing. Another thing is the swag of Captain Marvel saying I’m the new Cap now!

6. Beware, Thanos!

This meme is a taunt to Thanos which is funny. This is made because Captain Marvel is the strongest hero in the MCU. She is the only one who can defeat Thanos in a 1v1 fight.

7. She’s no man Thanos!

This meme is funny and again is based on the power of Captain Marvel. Thanos says no man can defeat him but Captain Marvel is not a man dude. Hence she can kick the hell out of Thanos.

6. Don’t you dare!

The memes related to Shazam and Captain Marvel are hilarious. This is because Shazam is considered the Captain Marvel of DC. So, since Captain Marvel is originally the name of Carol Danvers as a superhero, hence he slaps him before completing. This is hilarious!

5. Marvel – 1, DC – 0

This is another hilarious situation between the DC movie Shazam’s trailer and Marvel’s Captain Marvel’s trailer. In one week the Captain Marvel Trailer as got 21M views on Youtube. But in the case of Shazam’s trailer, just 20M views came in one month which is hilarious to think.

4. True LOL!

This is another result of the Expectation-Reality Memes. It depicts the expectation of the audience with Captain Marvel and the Shazam and the reality that we have got. This looks funny though as expectation were quite high for Shazam.

3. Captain Marvel is expressionless!Top 10 Memes

This is not easy to understand as the ones who had watched the trailer carefully will know. In the whole trailer, Brie Larson is expressionless o.e., there is no expression on her face the whole time. Except for the time she is in the car with Nick Fury, she smiled.

2. Marvel wants the old to be punched rather than helped!Top 10 Memes

Marvel doesn’t like helping the old peeps. He liked to hit some old faces! Lol, that’s a joke. Since the release of the trailer, Captain Marvel punching an old lady has become a universal meme. It’s not that Danvers is insensitive but the old lady is a shapeshifting alien named Skrull. This meme is funny though!

1. Captain Marvel punches hard man!

This is hilarious as you see the video. Captain Marvel punching an old lady scene has been taken to another level which will leave you laughing on the floor. This video is difficult to resist you from laughing.

So, these are the Top 10 Captain Marvel memes that will leave you laughing. If you think we missed any of the memes, do let us know in the comment section down below.

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