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Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

Game of Thrones last season will kick off in April 2019, and we will finally get to see the most anticipated battle, the battle with the Night King. In the article below, we are taking a dig at the most famous houses in the Game of Thrones series.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity


Yes, the most famous house of all houses in GOT is the Lannisters. House Lannister is undoubtedly the most interesting house of all giving us the most interesting characters like Cersei Lannister the present queen of the Kings Landing, Tywin Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Tyrion Lannister.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

Tywin Lannister was the boldest character in the GOT series, resourceful, rich as all Lannisters, He gave birth to his three children – Tyrion, Jamie and Cersei and each have a very crucial role in the GOT series. Jamie and Cersei have incestual relation, and they gave birth to the King Joffrey, who became the king of the King’s Landings after his so-called father’s “Robert Baratheon” death and currently Queen Cersei is again pregnant with Jaime’s child, providing an heir to continue the family name. The second son of Tywin Lannister is Tyrion known as the imp, who is a very intelligent and clever character, and currently advises Daenerys Targaryen.


The house of Starks is a very kind, humble and helping. They are so kind that they have been disbanded, slaughtered, many times throughout the series, starting with when Ned Stark’s head got chopped in the last episode of the first season under the rule of King Joffrey. The Red Wedding where many people from the north got killed by House Frey. The Starks are now left with three children and now all of them have become extremely powerful and cunning.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

Sansa Stark is the Lady of Winterfell, and with the knowledge garnered from Littlefinger’s teachings, is wise beyond her years also she ordered to kill Little finger when she finds that he conspired his father death. The other one is Arya who is now a very strong and bold character, she is a faceless assassin and taking the revenge of his family, she killed all the people in the Frey House just using the technique she learned while Bran is barely a Stark at all, now the all-seeing and knowing Three-Eyed Raven. The Starks are now one of the series’ most important houses.


There is undoubtly no one powerful than Daenerys Targaryen at the moment. She has lost a dragon, but she still there with two more, as well as a worthy hand in Tyrion Lannister whom I would say one of the most clever people in entire GOT series, an Unsullied army, a Dothraki horde, and an army of Dornish forces that we’ve yet to see.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

 House Targaryen is home to two of the most important characters in the series. Both characters have gone through many things to make it where they are now, The House Targaryen is one of the most resilient houses in all of Westeros. She also had a brother who sold her to Khal Drogo for a Dothraki army so that he avenge his father’s death.


In GOT where every family is so unpredictable, the House Tyrell seems to be a loving and caring family. This house was also rich and smart and manipulative, the members of this family consist Margaery, who was the granddaughter of Lady Olenna Tyrel and married to  King Joffrey Baratheon, she was able to bend Joffrey against his will and she took care of poor Sansa and loves the people of the Kings landing.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

Lady Olenna was very experienced sharp, intelligent character in the GOT and she always acted for the good of her family. Loras Tyrell was the Margaery’s brother who is not a centric figure but he’s equally family-centric.


This house is quite small but as Lyanna Mormont said that we are few but anyone from our land can fight with the strength of 10 mainlanders. She was very brave and smart, as she was able to rule as the “Lady of Bear Island” at such a young age, and continuously stands up for Jon Snow when other houses won’t.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

The second member of the family was Jeor Mormont yes, he was the father of Jorah Mormont and was the honorable Lord Commander at the Night’s Watch, he turns Jon Snow into a tough man and the righteous son that Jorah wasn’t.

The third one was Jorah Mormont who was denied by his father, but he is very brave and fights without fear for his queen Daenerys Targaryen.


At the start of the series, House Baratheon was the most powerful house in Westeros. Robert Baratheon was the king and ruling King’s Landing and he always hated the Targaryens, He had two brothers — Stannis Baratheon, who resided in Dragonstone, and Renly Baratheon, who was on the small council.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

He died of some disease which he got when he went out for hunting, giving his throne to King Joffrey, later the Stannis Baratheon attacked King’s Landing in order to regain its claim on the throne after his brother died. He too faced a lot of downfalls.


This is more a house of two of the most skillful landed knights characters. Ser Gregor Clegane, otherwise known as “The Mountain,” is a big giant man who is now the personal bodyguard of Queen Cersei Lannister.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

His brother, Sandor Clegane, or better known as “The Hound,” is one of the interesting characters, he has no morals. House Clegane has a famous rivalry, with the house Martell because, The Mountain killed Oberyn Martell nephews and raped her sister and then killed her too later in season 4


In season 4 we got to know about the House Martell and their greatness in Westeros. Oberyn Martell was one of the series’ most popular characters, a fun, and brave figure too. He was dedicated to getting justice for his sister and his nephews.

Top 10 Houses In Games of Thrones Ranked in Popularity

He died in season 4 which was a bit shocking, in a trial by combat where he was facing “The mountain”. House Martell had been exciting, exotic house with an interesting castle in Sunspear.


Once, This House of Greyjoys Ruled by an angry and ruthless man, Balon Greyjoy, Greyjoy was one of the most unlikable Great Houses in Westeros. Theon Greyjoy is the one who betrayed the Starks in an attempt to take Winterfell.

But he paid his price and again gained their trust as he brings Sansa back from Ramsey’s jail. He has a sister named Yara who is a great warrior. She is a pure Greyjoy as she likes to looting and pillaging.


The Bolton were powerful, They have helped the Frey house to kill the starks at the red wedding, they took the Stark’s castle for themselves, Ramsey was the bastard son of Roose Bolton. He was very scary and a villain kind of character, who cut Theon Greyjoy’s private parts and treated Sansa in a very rude way and he has no semblance of humanity. He likes to pet wild dogs and loves to feeds them with his enemies. He lost the “battle of the bastard” to John snow and then he was fed to his own wild pets.

His father, Roose Bolton, wasn’t a fine man too. He also betrayed the Starks and he gave birth to his true son after which Ramsey killed him, and become the king. The house Bolton doesn’t give us any smooth character but they filled a spot of an evil-villain.

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