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Top 10 Oneplus 6T features that you should know

Top 10 Oneplus 6T features –

The Chinese smartphone maker, Oneplus has successfully launched the five generations of Oneplus devices in the different markets around the world. Oneplus devices are known for providing great design, great camera, and great under-the-hood specifications in a lower price range. And finally, Oneplus is here with its latest entry in the Oneplus family, it is the all Oneplus 6T, which comes with an all-new display notch design and upgraded specifications. Oneplus 6T comes with the all-new Android Pie which is powered by the company’s own user interface, Oxygen OS. Oneplus 6T not only best in design, but also best in performance, with new features. We have discussed some of these features, so, here are top 10 Oneplus 6T features.

Top 10 Oneplus 6T features –


1. In-Display Fingerprint Sensor –

Another major upgrade in Oneplus 6T feature has been done by introducing the under-display or in-display fingerprint sensor. The in-display feature, again, is not new. The in-display fingerprint sensor was first introduced by the Oneplus sibling company Vivo in its Vivo X20, the feature is really amazing, but the unlocking was slow in the previous devices. But Oneplus 6T comes with a faster in-display fingerprint sensor.


2. Water drop Display Notch –

The most interesting feature in Oneplus 6T is the new display notch design, which is same as we have seen in the recent smartphones by the sister companies Oppo and Vivo, Oppo F9 and Vivo 11 Pro comes with the same water drop display notch, which is unique and looks good, without acquiring space literally for nothing. As we have seen in the previous gen Oneplus device that is, Oneplus 6, the wider notch doesn’t house any kind of 3D face recognition system as we have seen in the iPhone X. The notch looks really good and houses the front camera, the small drop notch also allows more display on the device, hence the screen to the body has improved a lot.


3. Better Waterproof Ratings –

According to the company, the previous gen Oneplus comes with the waterproof body, but the Oneplus 6 was waterproof up to some limits only according to the ratings, though it performed well in several tests. In the new Oneplus 6T company has upgraded the waterproofing of the device, now you can enjoy the pool parties, take selfies there without worrying about the water splashes.


4. Gaming Mode –

Oneplus 6T also features the advanced gaming mode. The new gaming mode in Oneplus 6T is an advanced version on the Do Not Disturb mode. With the gaming mode, you can block the notifications from other apps, so that, your talkative girlfriend won’t disturb you while you are fighting for that Chicken Dinner in PUBG. The gaming mode not only block notifications but also enhances the game performance and ensures that if a game requires an internet connection to play then it gets priority for bandwidth, means the game mode will automatically lower the amount data consumption by other apps other than that game.


5. Face Unlock –

Oneplus 6T comes with the in-display fingerprint sensor for unlocking the device faster, but also features the face unlock powered by artificial intelligence. The face unlock in Oneplus 6T is very fast, even faster than the iPhone X Face ID, also Oneplus has its own way to recognize the face even in dark areas, which is really amazing. The only drawback which is known is that AI-based face unlock is not safe as compared to the fingerprint sensor.


6. Slow-Motion Video –

OnePlus 6T packs good camera specs at both front and rear, along with capturing good photos and video, the device can be used to shoot slow motion videos. With Oneplus 6T, you can shoot slow-mo video with HD resolution at 480fps. The quality of slow-motion videos is really good in good lighting conditions, but in low light condition the quality drops down.


7. Shelf –

The Shelf is another feature in Oneplus 6T which is really productive. On your Oneplus the device is located to the left of the home screen, you can easily access the shelf to get a quick overview of the date, time, and weather information for your current location, you can easily access the recently used apps and contacts. Also, you can add widgets to the shelf of your favorite apps.


8. Selfie Portrait & Light Bokeh Mode –

Like Oneplus 6, Oneplus 6T also features a dual rear camera setup for taking bokeh mode or portrait mode photos, and there is only a single camera for taking selfies, but with the new Oxygen OS user can click selfies with portrait mode or the blur mode. The portrait series is not perfect in terms of edge detection as compared to the dual rear camera setup, and blur effect in low light but the overall performance is satisfactory.

One plus 6 comes with the Light Bokeh mode, with which user can create light patterns using the portrait mode. The Light Bokeh mode works only with the rear camera bokeh mode, and users can choose patterns from a large variety like stars and hearts and the light bokeh mode adds them to the blurred background of the photos.


9. Navigation Gestures –

Oneplus 6T comes with a taller edge to edge display with narrow bezels. The device comes with navigation buttons by default but to get the best out of the larger display, the user can use Navigation Gestures instead of using the navigation button, which needs a dedicated bar at the bottom and takes a part of the screen. By enabling navigation gestures, you can navigate through the device easily and smoothly as gestures have always been a great thing.


10. Dash Charging –

Oneplus 6T also comes with improved Dash Charging tech, which is company’s own fast charging technology. With the dash charging, you can get enough juice for the dash, with 30 minutes of charge.


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