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Best Top 10 Oneplus 6T Tips and Tricks –

Top 10 Oneplus 6T Tips and Tricks –

Chinese manufacturer, Oneplus has finally introduced the most awaited member in the Oneplus flagship range. It’s the all-new Oneplus 6T, which feature a major upgrade to the Oneplus 6. Oneplus 6T comes with an all-new water drop notch design, as we have seen in the sibling company’s Oppo F9, and comes with some upgraded features and specs. Oneplus 6T comes with the all-new Android Pie which is powered by the company’s own user interface, Oxygen OS. Oneplus 6T is best not only in design but also in performance, housed with new and upgraded features. We have discussed some of these features and created a list for the best top 10 Oneplus 6T Tips and Tricks.

Oneplus 6T Tips and Tricks –



Talking about the best tips and tricks for Oneplus 6T, we can include the Hidden Space feature of the OxygenOS, which is generally a space where you can hide your app icon easily. You can move the private app from the main app drawer to the hidden space so that no one can see it easily. The hidden space is easily accessible, you just need to open the app drawer and drag the hidden space section from the sidebar on the left sidebar



Another feature that can be very useful for you is the Dual Apps or Parallel Apps. This feature created two icons of the same apps like two Instagram, two Facebook, two Clash of Clans apps if you want to use more than one ID for the same ap in the same device. You can turn the feature in your Oneplus 6T device, for this, simply open the device Settings and search and select Apps, here you will get the option of Parallel apps, using which you can use dual apps on your device.



Next in the Oneplus 6T tips and tricks list comes the customization of the notification LED color. Notification LED is really helpful, as you can easily get alerts about the important messages without checking the device again and again, and the best part of this feature that the color of notification can be changed and applied according to your needs. You can apply different color for the notification form different apps, like green for Whatsapp and blue for Facebook, also you can turn off notification LED to respond to selected apps.



Most of us use their smartphones at night time also, the work could be anything, whether you are reading some ebooks or writing something. To help the night user Oneplus 6T comes with the Night Mode, which makes the reading easier with a lesser strain on eyes, as it filters out the harmful blue light. To turn on the Night Mode feature, firstly, go to the device settings and then select Display, where you can easily find the Reading Mode easily. In the Night Mode, you can select to turn on the mode automatically for the selected apps. Not only this, you can select the timings for the activation of the feature.



Oneplus 6T features some really good specifications, like the powerful processor and GPU, which amazingly enhances the gaming experience. For gamers, the Oneplus 6T feature one more option which is really good, that is, the Gaming Mode. With the Gaming Mode, you can not only block the unnecessary notifications but also boost the gaming performance by clearing the RAM and a lot more. This is really a useful feature if you love gaming and want no one to disturb in the gaming sessions. To turn on this feature, go to the device settings, and select Advanced option, here you can easily find the Gaming Mode feature.



Oneplus 6T comes with an under-display fingerprint sensor which is really amazing and secured, but other than this you can unlock your Oneplus 6T using the Face Unlock, by just having a glance. The Face Unlock in Oneplus 6T is really fast, though it is not as secure as the 3D face recognition in the iPhone X’s FaceID. We won’t recommend you to use the Face Unlock in your Oneplus 6T if you store sensitive data files. But you can try this feature once, to do this, go to the device settings and then select Security & Lock Screen and there select the Face Unlock option. After this just follow the instruction displayed.



Oneplus 6T comes with a taller edge to edge display with narrow bezels. The device comes with navigation buttons by default but to get the best out of the larger display, user can use Navigation Gestures instead of using the navigation button, which needs a dedicated bar at the bottom and takes a part of the screen. By enabling navigation gestures, you can navigate through the device easily and smoothly as gestures have always been a great thing. To turn on gestures on your device, go to the device settings first and then select the buttons and there you can easily find the  Navigation bar and gestures.



Oneplus 6T as its previous gen siblings comes with a dedicated physical Alert Slider. The slider can be used to put the device on Silent Mode, but the Alert Slider can be customized for Vibration and Ring mode too. To customize the Alert Slider, go to the device settings first, and then select the Alert Slider option. Here, you can easily customize the Alert Sider for different available features.



We all use social media app in smartphones, and sometimes if we are concerned about the privacy of the apps, we can use app locker in our device, so no one can sneak into the private chats on Whatsapp and no one can check out the important emails. The App locker is a really productive and in Oneplus 6T you need not download any third party app for locking important apps on your device. The feature can be used easily, to turn it on, first of all, go to the device settings and select the Security and Lock Screen option. Here, you can easily select the apps that you want to lock securely.



You can turn on the Dark Theme in your Oneplus 6T. The dark theme is not a new feature but is a much popular feature in Oxygen OS. The dark theme is really amazing and gives the all-black look on the device, as the Oneplus 6T comes with Super AMOLED display. To turn on the dark theme in Oneplus 6T, go to device settings first and then select display settings option, where you can select the Default, Light, and Dark themes.


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