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Top 10 Best shooting Android games of 2017

In Action category there are many thousands games available on Playstore, but more than half of them are just waste and not worth of even downloading them. Some of them have graphics issues, some have bugs and other problems which can frustrate the gamer. So, we have made a list of best top 10 shooting Android games of 2017. These may be not the perfect but, really worth of trying once. The priority of selecting our favorite top 10, is gameplay, graphics and control mainly. So, here is the list.

This is probably the best FPS zombie apocalypse survival game on mobile. Dead Trigger’s first part was a great game and the second part is a great update to the first part, with a lot of new features and more fun. In this game, user has to survive and battle against the walking dead in terrifying environment. The storyline of the game is great. Game allows user to battle in 33 different environment, with 609 gameplay scenarios including Solo Campaign, Global Mission and Side Quests. And talking about the weapons, you can choose from 50 types of weapons. And the main thing, i.e, graphics, you will not be complaining about them, as the graphics are really awesome, with a really good gameplay. You must download this, if you are willing to play a thriller FPS game.


Created by the Gameloft studios, Modern Combat is the popular series of FPS games. Talking about the MC5, this game is definitely not a new game but the new update and online gaming make it better. The story mode is the best way to experience a entertaining and a power pack action gameplay. The online gameplay might not the best, but still it’s better than most. The game graphics are best, and backbone of the game. You must download this if you haven’t played yet.


Critical Ops is the third FPS game in the top 10 list. Critical Ops is a Online multiplayer game which is still is in development phase but gives an interesting platform to play with friends as a team or even in one versus. C-Ops has a loads of weapons and skins can also be purchased. Critical Ops can be the first in the list of FPS, but it lacks in terms of intense graphics. But, if you love to play Counter-Strike and for you Gameplay matters more, then, you surely you will love it.


This is the sequel to the hit zombie action Into The Dead, which has 50+Mn downloads on Google Playstore. You will surely enjoy it more, if you loved the first part. The evolving story and multiple endings, with 7 chapters 60 stages and hundreds of challenges, in different locations. Different types of weapons, from melee to firearms. And the most important, the intense graphics. The game should be downloaded of you like graphics and story based games more.


This is mainly a Online FPS game, but single missions are also provided. It’s a purely skill based, which allows player to join and form their clan. The game is almost like Critical Ops on the basis of gameplay type. But the graphics are more focused rather than gameplay. The weapons are Sci-Fi’s, can be collected and upgraded using cards. There are 4 game modes- Team Deathmatch, Elimination, Infected and Mayhem. The game can be played with friends or versus, and is a one-try play.


This is the second game in top 10 from the Gameloft studios. Sniper Fury is a FPS sniper hunting game. The thing which makes it different from other sniper games, is the intense 3D graphics and the environment. The game allows to build or join a clan, and do clan wars and other stuffs. The game have over 130 missions and other is the online platform. This is the perfect SNIPER game for those who love intense graphics.


This a online FPS game. The game is squad based in which you can choose a class- Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Stealth, Demolisher or Engineer. And this the only thing which make this game different. This game is not about spawn and fight, but you have to make tactics and strategies to win the battle, by using the special ability of every class. Game provides a variety of modes- Deathmatch, Domination, Capture the Flag and Free for All. The game has a lot more to play.



Sniper games are the most popular game type in FPS games. This series is a perfect combination of a lot of weapons, stunning graphics and a realistic environment. Game have different categories of weapons, not only the sniper gun, but assault rifle, SMG guns and others. There are 200 missions in the game, with a 15 hours long explosive story campaign. If you want a adventure story mode, without online modes, you will surely love this.


This is the most popular sniper game on Playstore with 100+Million download. In this game you are a sniper assassin, which are given a variety of missions to play. The 3D graphics of the game are not too much exciting but works good. The controls of the game are very easy. Game allows you to choose from a variety of weapons, you have to choose what you want to complete the mission given to you. If you love to play simple 3D games with a lot of engagement then surely you should play this.


This is an exciting FPS game, which has medium graphics, specially for those who are unable to play intense graphics games. This game is light in terms of graphics but the gameplay is good enough. The online FPS is fun to play as a team. And it’s a skill based game. The game is not perfect in terms of weapons physics and other animations, but customization of weapons and players are awesome. You should surely play this once.

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