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Top 10 Superhero TV Shows of 2017!! Must Watch Series!!


Just as we near the end of the year 2017, its time to go through our top shows in superhero category. This year we got ourselves the numerous amount of series based on superheroes. Overall, the year was satisfying as we saw our favorite superheroes Arrow and The flash making a come back after the lackluster last season. However, Marvel also came on top, on the smaller screen with shows like Punisher, Legion, Runaways, etc. So, lets giddy up and go through our list of top superhero tv shows.

10. The Defenders


This show was a complete disappointment from Marvels. After giving a dud by the name of Iron Fist, all of us had high hopes as we were getting the Avengers like team up on the small screen. However, the show had nothing unique to offer and had a bland story to tell. The series focused more on Elektra and The Hand, bringing the interest of the user to new low as the show progressed. The only saving grace was the excellent action sequences and small length of the season 1.

9. Legends of Tomorrow


Another show which had a rough beginning and was bashed entirely by critics as well as audiences. However, they learned from their mistakes and improved a lot in subsequent seasons. The show is full of fun, and its annual crossover with shows like Arrow & The flash make it more interesting. In the latest season they have made exciting changes and taken risks, which are currently paying off in a right way.

8. Agents Of Shield


The fourth season of this show was the best season till now. With the cameo from Ghostrider, they have set the bar high. However, in fifth season they haven’t been able to hit the highs of the fourth yet, that’s for sure. This season as we see Agent Coulson and the gang are exploring new dimensions as they find themselves in the far future on Earth which is in ruins. It’s little early to say what this season holds for us, and I am quite optimistic about this one.

7. Gotham


Gotham had one of the promising first years as they took us to the era before Batman. We got to see how various  enemies of Batman like Riddler, Penguin came into being and how their characters were developed. However, since then the show has seen many lows as compared to highs. This time they have introduced lesser known villain of Batman named Professor Pyg to bring some delicious ridiculousness our way. The show is still far better than other superhero shows which came around its time. Let’s see if they will be able to take Gotham to new heights.

6. The Gifted


The Gifted has excellent material to work with, and the premise should make for a great show. The show came out as a surprise and story revolve around X-Men. By focusing on lesser-known X-characters such as Polaris, Blink, and Eclipse to name a few, The Gifted manages to convey the genuine feeling of being a mutant without leaning too heavily into the superheroic antics. There are few weaker links in the series, hopefully, it improves as the season progresses.

5. Runaways


“Marvel’s Runaways” was announced by Hulu and Marvel Television. The show is based on a Marvel superhero team of the same name, created by Brian K.Vaughan and Adrian Alphona in 2003. The show is beautifully shot and looks very aesthetic. It has elements from many different genres: coming-of-age, drama, mystery, science fiction and many more. The Runaways have to deal with matters of life and death, while also tackling social media chatter, cliques, and crushes. At this moment only six episodes have been released, but from these 300 minutes, the immense potential and excellent quality of this show are apparent.

4. The Flash


DC’s most highly rated show currently running on the tv had a pretty lousy season 3 as it completely lost its way. The show wanted to do too many things in one season which made it a mess. However, show makers have learned from it and have made a fresh start as we got our cheerful barry back. It’s doing good right now and is establishing itself with the most robust villain Barry has faced till date. I would say Barry is running and I love when he runs.

3. The Tick


I was introduced to the Tick in childhood with the animated series. And from that time I have loved Tick as he is not a regular superhero. It’s a parody of all things superhero, even though this time there is a bit a seriousness. When there is a dangerous explosion, afterward you look for the bad guy dangling from rooftop begging for help. I think its better than the last live-action adoption of Tick. Also, Peter Serafinowicz is doing an excellent job as The Tick. There is the right number of comedic sequences per episode that deliver consistent Belly Laughs.

2. The Punisher


Punisher is the sixth show from Marvel & Netflix after the reasonably successful run of other shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc. leaving aside Iron fist. Punisher is different from another marvel Netflix production in many ways as he is no superhero but a vigilante who sees the world in black & white. It’s a well-developed show which has a lot of action and blood to increase your adrenaline level. ‎Characters are the primary key to the series as each of them has been developed carefully and play an essential role. The best thing about this is series is Jon Berthanal, boy he is the perfect guy to play Punisher. He has done an astounding work, you connect with him and feel his anger against the system.

1. Legion


Legion is a show which came out at the beginning of this year and is not an average superhero show from the Marvel Universe. The storyline will surely seem difficult to follow as we see everything from the perspective of the Hero, who has an entirely fractured personality. Execution of the show is just fantastic & is faithful to its source material, which makes it difficult for the user to differentiate between imagination & reality. Each episode can maintain the thrill & you will never be able to guess what it has in store for you. Fox has given us most unusual and out of the box series.


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