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Top 10 Thor Villains You Must Know About

In recently released Avengers Infinity War we saw every superhero getting his or her ass kicked by Thanos be it genius Iron Man or mystical Doctor Strange. However, there was one superhero who gave a tough fight to Thanos even got very close to killing him and he is none other than Thor, the magnificent God of Thunder. He arrived with his new weapon Stormbreaker and gave Avengers a fighting chance. Thor has not only gave tough time to Thanos but also has a list of villains who have been bugging him throughout his life. You have met few of them in earlier released movies, but we thought of giving you little more details about his most powerful villains.

10. Skurge, The Executioner

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

Skurge, an Asgardian was initially depicted as a supervillain who wielded guns and magic double-bladed battle axe. The same character has appeared in Thor: Ragnarok played by Karl Urban. Initially, Skurge fell in love with the Enchantress leading to which she and Loki used him in their evil schemes. He is one of the staunchest foes and was a member of Masters of Evil. However, later he joined the heroes and helped in delaying the Ragnarok. Still, he is counted as one of the Thor villains who can give him a tough fight.

9. The Destroyer

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

The Destroyer is one of the simplest and threating antagonists in the Marvel Comics. It is an armour which is built to protect Asgard from any imminent danger. However, this metallic giant can be controlled by the anyone who knows magic. The Destroyer appeared in the first solo movie of Thor and was the main antagonist commanded by God of Mischief, Loki. He is undoubtedly a considerable villain but lacks in firepower as compared to others.

8. Ulik

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

Ulik belongs to a race of Rock Trolls who live in the dimension of Asgard in the “Domain of Trolls” in Nornheim. Ulik like other trolls has hatred for Asgardians because they were forced to live underground by Norse God, Odin. He possesses the brute force and has knuckle dusters made up of Uru metal of which Mjolnir is composed. His fight with Thor lasted for a longer durations in comics, and he is the straightforward villain who has stood face to face with God of Thunder.

7. Amora The Enchantress

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

Amora is yet another strong marvel villain whose desire for power and undying love for Thor a deadly combination which is nowhere good. She is cunning, witty and can control other’s mind by using spells which puts her next to the God of Mischief. She was so madly in love with him that when he rejected her, she made it her lifelong mission to fight against Thor as if she can’t have him, no one else can. Her character is more developed as compared to other Thor villains which makes her impactful and worthy opponent.

6. Mangog

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

Mangog is the perfect villain to have in the godly universe of Thor. He is basically a sum total of billions and billions of alien race combined in one monster by the Odinspell and locked beneath the Asgard. Ulik released him as he thought of him as an ally however Mangog killed him. Mangog hasn’t appeared in much of the comics but remains one of the fearsome Thor villains who can be only defeated by Odin himself.

5. Malekith

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

Malekith the Accursed is the ruler of Dark Elves who is a sadist and goes to any length to get what he desires. He has killed innocents and is the main reason behind the battle of nine realms. Malekith appeared in the Thor: The Dark World movie where he proved that he is one of the frightening Thor villains.

4. Galactus

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

Galactus is popularly known as the primary foe of Fantastic Four, but once in a while, he has given Thor a tough fight. Galactus is the strongest form in the Marvel universe, and he is even stronger than the Mad Titan Thanos himself. He has been known for destroying worlds to increase his power. God of Thunder has never been able to defeat him thus making him one of the powerful villains of Thor.

3. Hela

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

Hela is the Goddess of hell and sister of Thor who was banished by Odin for her madness of immense power. She is every bit off cold-blooded and smart as Malekith. Hela draws her power of the Asgard and becomes immortal when she is present there. She appeared in the Thor: Ragnarok and became one of the strongest Thor villains.

2. Surtur

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

As per Norse mythology, Surtur is the one who will cause the Ragnarok and is the king of the Fire Giants and the Ruler of Muspelheim. He has even defeated Odin and has caused Ragnarok more than once. Surtur appeared in the recently released Thor: Ragnarok and he was the reason now we don’t have Asgard.

1. Loki

Top 10 Thor Villains You Need to Know About

Guessing the name of most powerful villain which Thor has ever face shouldn’t be difficult. The God of Mischief is most powerful not because of his spells or trickery but he is the one who also causes the emotional pain to Thor. He has been responsible for many deaths in the Norse Gods. And fighting against him has always taken a toll on Thor because he considers him as the brother who can be put on the right path. He has been there from the very beginning and still, is able to charm us with his cunningness. Loki will always remain one of the most potent Thor villains.

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