Top 5 Best Anime Sites | Best sites to watch Anime

Top 5 Best Anime Sites | Best sites to watch Anime 

Japanese cartoon culture revealed before the world in 1917 which utterly re-originated as a new style of art in the late 1960s. These Japanese animation styles are now known as Anime. Anime is getting its love from fans all over the world and we are pretty sure that you’re one of them. There are many people who like to watch anime series but didn’t have any idea where to explore the fun. If you’re anime freak, you must be interested in popular and trending anime series. In this article, we are going to share the Top 5 Best Anime Sites where anyone can get their favourite animes.

So let’s start;


KissAnime is one of the best sites for watching anime. The best part of the KissAnime that its database has almost every anime that anyone wants. Fans can either stream or download animes on this site. It also has a community, active chat rooms, manga collection and many more under a hundred different varieties. Anyone can also search for an anime by genre and randomly. All kind of anime including sub or dub versions are available here. Also, its configurable video quality makes it best among all. It has the highest number of fans and rates high in popularity among amine buffs and also provides every possible quality similar to that of Youtube from 290p to 1080p optimized for a wide variety of devices. The best thing about the site is, without registration, anyone can stream and watch their favourite episode.



9anime is one of the best sites when we come to English dubbed anime. We know many fans do not like English subbed animes and we are one of them. So for us, 9anime is best among all. Also, it comes to HD anime streaming. It has a decent ascent but that’s not what we want. The best thing about 9anime is that it has a huge database of anime which anyone can sort by genre, date release, language type, etc. And last but not the least, anyone doesn’t have to register or pay for any monthly or yearly subscription it’s all free.


Next, we have the AnimeFreak. Its name defined it a lot. It is also one of the best anime websites to stream videos, and it’s all completely free. This site is made for anime freaks like us, with more than 10,000 episodes of different anime story. So, if you want to just explore this site, then type favorite anime and visit. The bad thing about this site is to add sense. Whenever you explore the site, you will be a strike by many ads, this might disappoint some users.


AnimeSeason comes with a clean interface and offers simple navigation through the full series listing, highest rated series, genres etc. Anyone can watch their favorite anime or trending animes to keep up with the anime gossips. It also has ads too but not much like Most of the animes available are subbed. If anyone like subbed anime, then go ahead and explore this site. It also provides HD video quality.


Hulu is one of the modern and best sites if you want stream anime contents. It is known for its high-quality videos with a wide section of anime films and series. The best part of this site that it should be easily accessed. One can watch any anime by using VPN services. Hulu is not at the top because it is not yet available in all parts of the world. But if you live in the US, UK, Europe and some parts of Asia, it is best for you.

So, these are the best anime sites where you can stream your favourite anime. If you have any other alternatives, do let us know in the comments section below.

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