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Top trailers to check out this month !! Top trailers December 2017

Top trailers December 2017

This month has been good for the box office as movies like Thor Ragnarok set the cashing machines ringing, along with the support from Justice League, Coco and Murder on the Orient Express. However, everybody knows that December will be a hell lot of crazy for the Hollywood as behemoth named Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will hit the theaters and who knows when how much it earns. It is anticipated to have an opening weekend collection of  $215 million which puts it just behind its predecessor Star Wars: The Force Awakens, at a second position.

Top trailers December 2017


Even after that a lot more is coming our way, so let’s check out the top 5 trailers you should check out this month.

The Rampage

Dwayne Rock Johnson-starring all-out action, based on the video game by the same where Rock will fight the genetically modified Gorilla, Alligator & wolf to save the city of Chicago. The unique thing about this plot is that genetically modified animals are enormous beasts. Trailer looks good, and as Rock is there, it feels like an action-filled joy ride.

Deadpool 2

Another cheeky teaser came out for this foul-mouthed anti-hero and Oh Boy!! it is just amazing. The team behind the Deadpool 2 is doing fantastic work, and each thing about it makes you laugh. This trailer shows Deadpool making Bob Ross style painting and uttering words that make you anxious for the movie. In the end, shows you the glimpse of all the characters in one picture.

A Wrinkle In Time

This one is the most colorful trailer, I have seen this year. The trailer gives you very little detail about the movie, and you can only grasp that it will be the adventurous ride where you get to travel through time. The film comes out March 9th.


Warner Brother Animations have some movies like The Lego Movie under their belt, and this one also looks fantastic from the trailer. Channing Tatum as Yeti is superb, and his dialogue delivery is on point in the trailer, he seems more charming as a Yeti. This one leaves you with a broad smile on your face and sure shoot it will be one of the best movies to release next year.

The Post

This one is my favorite from the lot, as it is being directed by none other than Steven Spielberg starring actors like Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep. The movie is a drama, based on the controversial security breach, leaked out of pentagon. From the trailer itself, this one looks like an Oscar-worthy movie.


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