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Total War: Three Kingdoms A New Historical Game In Total War’s Franchise

As it promised Creative Assembly announced the historical game in the total war franchise ” Total War: Three Kingdoms”. The game’s setting is in ancient China about 2000 years ago.

Total War series is all about real-time combat with a perfect strategy. The previous games were in ancient Rome, Europe Japan and this time it is in China. It will more beneficial with the sudden rise of steam in China.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is set in China in 190 CE. According to the steam,  China is in turmoil because of The Han Dynasty. He is a puppet or follower of the tyrant warlord, Dong Zhuo, As Zhuo’s power grows the empire come completely under his control and further slips into the cauldron of anarchy.

But where bad is present there is always a presence of good. Three Heroes, sworn to the brotherhood in the face of tyranny. They form a fragile coalition in order to challenge Dong Zhuo’s rule.

Now the question arises that will they triumph against the tyrant or will suffer defeat?.

You’ll know it in Fall 2018.The game is currently scheduled for release on PC this fall. It will be the second game scheduled to be released in 2018 along with total war saga spin-off “Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia “

Watch The Reveal Trailer:

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