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Treyarch hints Black Ops 4 to add a specialist from Black Ops 3

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is facing stiff competition from the newly launched Apex Legends. The COD community is demanding more updates and content from Treyarch. Recently, Treyarch has announced the Operation Grand Heist which will take over the Operation Absolute Zero.

Treyarch is adding new elements to the game to keep the players engaged to the game. In a new tweet, Treyarch shared a new teaser where someone is running into a dense forest with a bow in its hand. COD fans are recognizing the character as Black Ops 3 Brazilian specialist, Outrider.

A few days back, Treyarch added a popular gun from Black Ops 2 to Black Ops 4 which is really appreciated by the community.

Many COD fans believe that the Outrider will be included in the game in the next major update. Many players are also presuming that the character will accompany its famous bow. Sparrow was an extremely dangerous weapon, and an arrow launched from Sparrow explodes after hitting the target. It would be interesting to see if Treyarch makes any changes to the character or if we will get the same specialist as we have in Black Ops 3.

The next operation is Black Ops 4 is set to go live on February 19 and COD fans just can’t wait for it to happen.


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